Craig Lamar Davis HIV Infecting Pastor-Testifys

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Update:  February 21, 2014:  Craig Lamar Davis Sentenced to 10 years in prison

Update: January 19, 2014: Craig Lamar Davis Found guilty click to read more


Craig Lamar Davis the Atlanta Pastor infected with AIDS accused of knowing exposing others with HIV is finally on trial more than 2 years after being arrested! Let’s please keep the victims in prayer.

CBS Atlanta News

Craig Lamar Davis took the witness stand Thursday and admitted to jurors doctors diagnosed him with the AIDS virus in 2005.

Exclusive interview with man accused of being pastor, spreading HIV

One of two trials against Craig Lamar Davis will begin Monday in Clayton County.

Davis is charged with two counts of reckless conduct. According to prosecutors, Davis was a married pastor when he had sexual affairs with two women and didn’t tell them he is HIV positive

Davis also admitted he had sex with an Atlanta woman, but he says she knew he was HIV positive.

That woman told jurors she didn’t know until she tested positive a year after her relationship with Davis started.

Davis denied having sex with his accuser in Clayton County. He said she is crazy.

“When I found out how crazy she was I cut her off on my Facebook page,” said Davis.

The woman who filed charges against Davis in Clayton County testified Wednesday.

She told jurors intimate details about her many sexual encounters with Davis. She said Davis never told her he was HIV positive.

A jury was seated Tuesday, they heard opening statements and started hearing testimony from state witnesses in the Reckless Conduct-HIV case against Davis.

“You’re going to see in 2012 that 38-year-old Ronita McAfee wasn’t told about the deadly weapon of HIV that the defendant carries with him,” said Clayton County prosecutor Kathryn Powers.

Powers got straight to the point in her opening statement. She told jurors Davis was HIV-positive for almost a decade before a doctor diagnosed and began treating him in 2005.

“He wasn’t just HIV-positive, by the time she [the doctor] saw him in 2005 he was in full-blown AIDS,” said Powers.

Prosecutors said Davis, who is now divorced, was a married minister when he had an affair with two women and didn’t tell them he was HIV-positive.

Davis took the stand and admitted he was a minister when he met the Atlanta woman.

Davis has a case in Fulton County and one in Clayton County.

“As Ronita was upset, panicky, thoughts running through her mind, the defendant’s reaction was to tell her, ‘don’t worry about it. It’s not a death sentence. Don’t you worry about it. There is medicine you can take if you catch it early,'” said Powers.

But Davis’ attorney John Turner told jurors the state can’t prove the alleged sexual encounter.

“It’s his [Davis] word against her word,” Turner said.

Turner told jurors McAfee lied about the sex and her relationship with Davis.

“In fact what I’m going to show you and the evidence is going to show you that the woman is a nutcase,” said Turner.

Turner’s next statement made several jurors raise an eyebrow, especially after prosecutors stated Davis tested positive, he admitted to it and is being treated for HIV.

“When they tell you that he tested positive for HIV. What that means is that there is an assumption that he is HIV-positive. There is no test that can measure that on the face of this earth,” said Turner.

In addition to Davis, a chemist and another witness took the stand Thursday to try and prove to jurors current HIV tests on the market are not accurate.