Cory Booker Offers Plan To Address Environmental Inequality

€” Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker will be running on a platform of environmental justice, as much as I like Corey, not sure that will be enough for him to get the nomination!

According to the Associated Press, Senator Booker says it’s time to overhaul environmental policies that he says unfairly disadvantage minority and impoverished communities.

He is promoting what he calls his environmental justice agenda during a campaign stop in South Carolina.

Cory Book told students at Allen University in Columbia that the government hasn’t done enough to ensure all Americans have equal access to clean, healthy communities.

Booker says addressing environmental inequality is one of today’s civil rights battles.

Booker wants to strengthen the Environmental Protection Agency and reverse what he says are Trump administration rollbacks of environmental safeguards. He’s proposing more EPA workers and resources to ensure safe drinking water.

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler has said unsafe drinking water is the world’s most immediate public health issue.

Source: Associated Press