Jericho City of Praise Congregation Planning “Occupy Jericho” after Board Fires Pastor Joel Peebles (video)

"Pastor Joel Peeples fired as Pastor of Jericho city of Praise"

"Pastor Joel Peeples fired as Pastor of Jericho city of Praise"
Two days after winning a civil lawsuit initiated by  the Board of Jericho City of Praise, Pastor Joel Peeples was ousted as the spiritual leader of the Mega Church. I posted his victory statement and video only on yesterday.

I received an E-mail from Church members stating that their beloved Pastor had been fired and removed from the premises via police escort.

The members are planing an Occupy Jericho  on the premises of the Mega Church campus, tonight at 7 p.m. and asking all ministers in the area to attend and show their support.   The church Lady is asking al CLB family members who live in the MD/DC area to attend this evening if possible as we cannot let the gates of Hell prevail.

While I am posting what information I have from the press now, I will have an exclusive story giving us the real deal by members posted on tomorrow.

Lord have mercy CLB family pray for this church and this Shepherd.


The fight over who controls one of the D.C. area’s largest churches entered a new round Wednesday after Jericho City of Praise fired its pastor.

Jericho City of Praise fired Elder Joel R. Peebles, Sr., who is the son of the founder Betty Peebles.

“I’ve been locked out. I’ve been told by the police I’m not allowed to come back in,” Joel Peebles says.

Joel Peebles left the church saying he would be back Wednesday night to conduct bible study.

The church, meanwhile, issued a statement saying it weighed the decision but decided the pastor must go.

“While this decision was not made without prayerful consideration and patience, it became clear that this action was necessary to protect Jericho and move forward, while remaining in compliance with the requirements of the Internal Revenue Service for a 501(c)(3) religious organization,” the church stated.

Jericho City of Praise, a megachurch of more than 10,000 members, has been engaged in an internal struggle over who should lead the church after co-founder Betty Peebles died.

Some church members have claimed a six-member board had been trying to oust Joel Peebles. Joel Peebles has been helping lead worship services for the past 20 years. In her will, however, Betty Peebles turned control of the church over to a six-member board, not Joel.




The Washington Post Reported that Pastor Peebles sought to comfort members who said they were upset and angry that he had been dismissed. He hugged several and reassured him that “church will continue.”

“I love you all. See you tonight,” indicating his plan to teach Bible study, as usual.