Cissy Houston: Confronts Culprit who sold Whitney Houston’s Casket Photo


Thanks to my friends over at Hello Beautiful for providing the tip on Chicago Suntimes report that Cissy Houston  has confronted the culprit believed to have sold Whitney Houston casket photo to the National Enquirer.

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The Chicago Suntimes is reporting that Whitney Houston’s mother, Cissy has confronted the person who snapped the photo of Whitney in her final resting place. A Houston family insider says that Cissy, “had a come-to-Jesus moment” with the guilty culprit and demanded the alleged six-figure fee for the photo be donated to charity.National Enquirer photo of Whitney Houston in Casket

As she should! Whoever was selfishly evil enough to take a photo of  the late Whitney Houston with the intention of selling it to a gossip  nap like the Enquirer deserves far more punishment than having  to donate their profit. If this wasn’t a family member, then it  certainly was a funeral home worker because whoever it was had exclusive  access to the funeral home where Whitney’s body lay resting for five  days.

The National Enquirer also managed to get their grubby  little paws on photos of the Beverly Hills  hotel room in which Whitney  died, publishing photos of a food tray of Houston’s and the bathroom she  was found in. I’d hate to be the one trying to point the finger at  Whitney’s grieving family, butPatricia Houston (Whitney’s sister-in-law and right hand woman) was someone with  exclusive access to Whitney’s room and she did say in her exclusive  interview with Oprah, that she was upset with the person that published the photo and didn’t mention being upset with the person who took them or sold them. Interesting, no?



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