Church Scandal Report: 5yr old raped in Church

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It’s  time we stop sweeping this issue under the rug and start protecting our children from predators in the church, 19 year old Blake Cole of dayton, Ohio.  is accused of raping a five year old boy inside Fort McKinley United Methodist Church in Dayton, Ohio.

Cole’s bond was set at $250,000 and he was ordered to stay away from the victim, if he does get out of jail. He was arrested last week at the church. The rape breaks Tina Workman’s heart…. “As a mother and a grandmother I’m very, very disturbed with this and especially in a church, what is really going on in this world today,” said Tina Workman of Dayton.

Workman along with others who live in the city of Dayton are disgusted and confused as to why a five year old was raped inside of Fort McKinley United Methodist Church Tuesday evening. “That is terrible, you should be safe in a church that should be one of the safest place for any kids, said Joel Taylor of Dayton.

Executive Pastor David Hood gave little details and referred her to police who are currently still interviewing those involved. He said Cole and the boy were regular attendees but didn’t confirm how they knew each other or where the parents were.

“The spiritual, emotional and physical safety of all our members is of highest priority to Fort McKinley Church – especially for our children, which is why we deploy trained security at our Tuesday night Discipleship events and follow security procedures for our Children’s Ministry. We are heartbroken by the allegations from April 9, and our staff is fully cooperating with law enforcement and investigators in every possible manner. We ask that the community join us in prayer for all those involved in this situation,” said David Hood, Executive Pastor of Fort McKinley United Methodist Church.

It was an off duty security guard that found Cole and the boy together. He then called police. “That does make me feel better that they did catch him right away but maybe they should be cautious of what’s going on in our churches,” said Workman.

The rape is a stern reminder to always know where your child is and who they are with. “Keep a good eye on your children, keep them close by and don’t let them go very far and if you do and in a church you would think it would be okay but maybe go to church and make sure that everything is okay,” said Workman

Cole will be arraigned Friday. He’s being held at the Montgomery County Jail on a $250,000 bond.

What shocks me most about this story is the fact that the church knew Blake had issues and back in December had stopped him from having contact with children in the church for inappropriate behavior, according to the Dayton Daily News.

It is time, CLB family that we Stop protecting the Church (institution) when it comes to crimes being committed against our children, point, blank and period.!


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