Church Scandals Report: Cogic Bishop’s Law suit claims extortion, rackettering and defamation


 Church Scandals Report-COGIC Bishop Charles Blake has his hands full trying to keep his Board, elders and Bishops  in control, it seems this man just can’t get a break when it comes to church scandals in the COGIC.  The latest drama involves Bishop Larry Shaw from Atlanta, Georgia making a public acknowledgement via the internet of his intent to sue Bishop John Sheard who is the father of Mega-Church preacher Bishop J.Drew Sheard, husband of Gospel singer Karen-Clark-Sheard whose family is starring in the BET reality show “The Sheards.”

According to the lawsuit, Bishop J. Larry Shaw is suing Bishop John Sheard for defamation, after he says Sheard hired a blogger to post a 12 year letter about Bishop Larry Shaw online.

Allegedly the woman wrote the letter 12 years ago accusing Shaw of rape and other crimes.  It is being reported that the case was investigagted and the accusations were found to be untrue.

Bishop John Sheard  is the chairman of executive board of the Church of God in Christ, Bishop Larry Shaw is secretary of the Board and William McCray is an elder and alleged chaufer for hire for COGIC.

information released by the attorneys describe a $10,000 payoff dispute between McCray and Sheard after the latter refused to pay for the libelous letter in the wake of COGIC’s 2012 elections.  The suit alleges the two plotted to “destroy” Shaw in advance of the elections.

Allegedly, Sheard ordered that Shaw “forget about” a document Sheard had illegally signed regarding the suspension of Bishop Holsey. In exchange for Shaw’s silence, Sheard said he would not release the letter. When Shaw refused to cooperate,  Sheard copied the  letter and distributed it at the church’s November meeting in St Louis. He later enlisted Willaim McCray to post it on his popular and controversial  blog, Mr. Obnoxious.

Sheard’s attorney told an Atlanta reporter Sheard ‘had nothing to do with the blogger posting that letter.” He said Shaw doesn’t want his reputation harmed and yet, he pointed out, Shaw and his attorney are the ones who called the media.

Chile, there are so many twists and turns to this story that you must take some time to reach each link to get the full picture as it involves allegations of extortion, racekteering, sex, purjury and everythng in between.

We must pray for the church and all the Saints operating within.