Church Scandal: 60 year old Pastor Arrested for Sexual Solicitation

"Church Scandal Report Clinton Alexander Feemster"
"Church Scandal Report Clinton Alexander Feemster"

Church Scandal Report

A Retired Charlotte, North Carolina pastor, Clinton Alexander Feemster was arrested recently for soliciting sex from an undercover police officer. Alledgedly this is his second attempt  at soliciting sex from a male in two years.

Feemster who retired from Mout Zion Baptist Chruch in August 2011, allegedly shortly after sexual allegations arose that year.

At 60 years old, this pastor should be beyond ashamed of himself.    He is currently  facing charges of soliciting a crime against nature after Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police say he asked an undercover male officer for sex Oct. 26 at the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport overlook.

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