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The Church Lady gives her take on the latest church scandal involving beloved Pastor Charles Jenkins:


Charles Jenkins, pastor of Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church in Chicago and Grammy Award winner of the contemporary gospel song “Awesome,” appears to have gotten himself into an embarrassing situation, to say the least!

From the stories floating around the net, allegedly, an ex-employee is attempting to extort Pastor Charles Jenkins and  threatening to release nude photos of him until he pays her monies due her for services she provided (not sure what type of services, IJS–ebonics for I’m just saying)

Here is my take on this latest church scandal:

While it is not certain how the  former employee obtained such a graphic  image, one does wonder how such a private image would be in possession of a former employee???

Sure it is possible that he may have taken an image for his wife and maybe left it on his cell phone and his phone was stolen…?  (I know may sound far-fetched by I love me some Pastor CharlesJenkins) anyway not getting off track, my point is  this:

If the photograph above is in fact Pastor Jenkins than it should have only been in the possession of Pastor Jenkins and/or his wife  only, point-blank-period.  That being said,   Pastor Jenkins has to assume some responsibility for allowing such a graphic display of himself to be made available to   ANYBODY other than his wife point-blank-period.

At this juncture, we don’t know and should not assume  Pastor Jenkins was having an affair nor should we go about and start a smear campaign on the former employee.

Now I am not taking sides, but y’all know, The Church Lady likes to keep it real,    the way she is going about making her claims is not helping her credibility in any way shape or form. There are court systems in place to deal with issues such as this and one should not be blackmailed or extorted in any manner.

Also chile,  if you have an issue make it public all of it–don’t drop ship pieces of information on the internet and expect people to just jump on your bandwagon. It just doesn’t work that way.

And for the 100th time I have to warn Pastors and up and coming preachers aspiring to be Pastors one day:

Do NOT take your sheep lightly, if you involved in sin, especially with your sheep, it is only matter of time before your jig will be up!  And remember sin is sin, it could be sex, gossip, mismanagement of the churches finances,  abuse of power or manipulation,  sin is sin and what’s done in the dark will come to light especially in the black church chile.

CLB family, let us pray for Pastor Jenkins, his family and the young scorned woman involved and wait for it all to come out in the light!

Click here for the update Chile!, former member breaks her silence


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