The Church Lady Take on the Faces of Rachel Dolezal

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I know that you have all heard and seen everywhere the story about Rachel Dolezal and her family blowing the whistle on her being a white woman living as a black person.  And while I understand that this may have raised an eyebrow or two, I really don’t understand why it has become a national sensationalized story.

Passing for another race is not new, Black people did the same for years  especially during slavery and segregation.  Yes, many did it because we knew that life would be better if they “passed” for being white.  Our family members and friends all knew about it, some were mad, but mostly jealous because they could not do the same.

The bigger question I have is this:
after all these years of “passing” why would Rachel Dolezals parent’s want to out their “wanna be black” daughter.

And after doing some digging I found that  NY Daily News reported, allegedly Rachel was assisting a victim who accused Rachel Dolezal’s biological older brother, Joshua Dolezal, 39 of child molestation in Colorado charging him in 2013 with four counts of sex abuse of a victim who was a minor at the time.  The case is ongoing and scheduled to go to trial this Summer.

Allegedly Dolezal had previously suggested that the time of her parents ousting her “passing” was somehow connected to the Colorado case and designed to damage her credibility.

Now we cooking here and it starting to make sense to me.  Cause Chile, I could not understand for the life of me why her parents would do such a thing unless it was some family mess going on.

So, my take on this is simply,  white folk families and black folk families aren’t that much different at all.  We all got issues, we all got skeletons in the closet and if we piss each other off bad enough we will let everybody in the world know about it.

I am disappointed that this woman’s life has been destroyed by her desire to live the “black experience”

I think Whoopi Goldberg said it best, if she wants to live the black experience and teach about it why not?


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