Jamal Bryant Baby Boy Revealed: The Church Lady Take On

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Jamal Bryant Baby Boy Revealed

I am sure by now you have all heard that Dr. Jamal Bryant is yet again buzzing around the web for having fathered another child, this one allegedly a little boy. The story was
reported exclusively to Mr. Obnoxious by a young woman by the name of LaToya Odom who allegedly first became acquainted with Dr. Jamal Bryant after working at as a suite site massage therapist to preachers during a conference (chile pleeze!)

Now it is no secret that Dr. Jamal Bryant, esteemed pastor of the Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, Maryland has celibacy issues, Dr. Jamal Bryant has admitted to fathering a child out of wedlock and fathering a child while being married. Hix ex. wife has told the world that he is a cheater, so I just can’t understand for the life of me why LaToya Odom, would think her relationship with Dr. Jamal Bryant be any different.

According to the article, LaToya mentions that she began an on and off again relationship with Dr. Jamal Bryant after servicing him (allegedly, in more ways than one) in the conference site massage suite. LaToya admits to servicing several high profile preachers in her role as a suite massage therapist however she changed her life around and was studying to become guess what, a preacher. (smh)

Allegedly, It was shortly after delivering her trial sermon and trying to live a life of celibacy that LaToya met up with Dr. Jamal Bryant after attending one of his preaching engagements in Atlanta, Ga. According to LaToya Odom, the two hooked up following his engagement and once again serviced him with another one of her site messages which sparked the relationship once again. Although no time is specified in the article, LaToya became pregnant and allegedly was told by Dr. Jamal Bryant that he didn’t want it (in other words abort, abort, abort!)

Come on now, how stupid can they both be. Here is my take:

LaToya Odom knew exactly what she was doing and she pimped him (yea I said it) And, Dr. Jamal Bryant once again, was thinking with his little head (yes I said that too) and not his big head. I am speaking street talk now because that is how this man and woman of God is acting, just like two people from the streets. it is a crying shame that this beautiful little boy has to be in the center of this foolishness:jamal-bryant-baby-boy


LaToya if you did not want to have a child you could have used protection and demanded that Dr. Jamal Bryant used protection, point blank period. Come on now, let’s keep it real LaToya. Further, your child is being cared for financially so what’s the real deal with blowing the whistle now, is that you are feeling some kind of way as Dr. Jamal Bryant moves up the ladder. this story’s timing is right in sync with the promotion of his new talk show, “The Preachers” Chile Pleeze!

Dr. Jamal Bryant, if you did not want to father a child you should have made sure you wrapped it up twice, I love you but let’s keep it real, you been down this road a couple of times now. So don’t get all mad and bent out of shape cause the blogs and the church are going to tear you alive, this is the price you will pay once again, for playing with fire:

jamal bryant baby boy paternity papersjamal bryant baby boy paternity


As far people questioning Dr. Bryant’s morals and scruples, this really should not be a surprise to any of us as Dr. Bryant has told and shown us time and time again who he really is. And guess what, no matter how much we talk, blog or write about him, Dr. Jamal Bryant is not going to change, love him or hate him, but please don’t ever think you or the church can try to change him. Accept it or deal with it, there is no in between.

I myself prefer not to judge one or the other because, at the end of the day, both are human and deserve the same mercy and grace that God bestowed upon us when we messed up no matter how many times we messed up. I instead choose to love and pray for both of them.

My overall take on this story is that there is no right or wrong here it is just simply no excuse!!!

Here is Jamal Bryant’s response to the allegations:

Update: 5/22/2016–Is the AME Church throwing Jamal’s local congregation Empowerment Temple under the bus?