Chicago Man Under Investigation For Diverting UPS Mail To His Apartment


Chicago Man Under Investigation For Diverting UPS Mail To His Apartment

Dushaun SpruceÂ

A Chicago man is under investigation after he allegedly diverted mail from the UPS to his apartment and stole $60,000 in business checks according to the Daily Mail.

Dushaun Spruce allegedly filled out a change-of-address form in October 2017 to have mail from UPS’s headquarters in Atlanta sent to him. He has not been charged with anything as of now.

Spruce’s mailman explained that he received so much mail for him that he arranged for a tub to be set outside his apartment to hold the overflow of mail.

“Um, I won’t – don’t answer that,” said Spruce was asked about the situation. “I been having problems with my mail being delivered for months now, and I actually spoke with the mail person. He always acts like he doesn’t know what’s going on.”

The mail included letters to the CEO of UPS, business checks and a total of 5 corporate credit cards.

Postal inspectors received information from the Fifth Third Bank that 10 checks in the amount $58,000 were cashed and put into Spruce’s account. A court affidavit stated that when Spruce signed for the money, he used his initials before signing it as UPS.

During the address change process, he turned in forms with errors before having it sent to a seven-story gated building.

In a statement to the Chicago Tribune, a UPS spokesman said, mail for their employees were, “‘redirected by an unauthorized change of address by a third party.’”

In January, Spruce received a search warrant in his apartment. Officers collected mail, checkbooks and banking information. In 2017, UPS the postal service noted that they received a total of 37 million change of address forms.

Anyone can submit a change of address form whether it be in person or online, however, the form does read that, “‘anyone submitting false or inaccurate information,’” can be fined or placed in jail.



(Source: Daily Mail)