Chelsea Clinton Slams Alex Jones For Promoting ‘Michelle Obama Is A Man’

Chelsea Clinton Slams Alex Jones For Promoting ‘Michelle Obama Is A Man’

Chelsea Clinton Slams Alex Jones For Promoting ‘Michelle Obama Is A Man’

Chelsea Clinton has fired back at Alex Jones for claiming in a segment of his InfoWars podcast that there may be “proof” Michelle Obama is a man.

The alt-right media personality pointed to an amateur compilation video circulating online which includes photographs of the former first lady in which her pants, dress or skirt ‘show a large bulge.’

He believes the video along with a 2014 clip of the late comedian Joan Rivers calling the former first lady a ‘tranny’ proves that Michelle was born a man.

Peep the clip below:

Many fired back at Jones over the clip, including Chelsea Clinton, who slammed the video online as “awful” and commending Mrs. Obama for being “brave and beautiful.”

Analyzing the photos, Jones declared: “Michelle appears to have a very large penis in her pants. Her shoulders are wide, her face is very, very, masculine. She looks like a tranny and so you ask yourself, are the children a beard?”

Jones added: “I’m not saying Michelle Obama is a tranny and I don’t hate trannies. I’m a libertarian. But we have famous photos of her where it appears she has a large bulge in her pants and we have Joan Rivers who was a big fan of gays trannies and everything else, saying hey – we’ve already got our first gay couple because Michelle is a tranny. She died a month or so later in a freak medical mishap.”

In case you missed when Rivers made the comments back in January 2014, watch the clip below:


“You know Michelle is a tranny. A transgender. We all know it, it’s OK,” Rivers said. Many believe she was murdered by the Obama administration over the comments, and her death blamed on complications sustained during a throat operation.

But Jones suggests her death was linked to her comment about the Obamas.

“Why did Joan Rivers die right after she questioned this and what does this footage mean to you?”

Jones also said cited two snippets of video taken during Barack Obama’s presidency showing him mistakenly referring to Michelle as Michael.



(Photo Credit: Associated Press)

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