Gunman in Charleston Shooting

charleston church shooting-Dylan Roof-Caught

Dylan Roof of Columbia, South Carolina has been named as the Gunman in the Charleston Shooting at historic Emanuel AME Church.

Court records show that Dylan Roof has one felony drug case pending against him, a past misdemeanor trespassing charge and no other criminal record in the state.

After recognizing his nephew from a surveillance photo, Carson Cowles, 56, told Reuters in a phone interview:

“The more I look at him, the more I’m convinced. Noting also that he believed Dylan Roof’s father had recently bought him a .45 caliber gun for his birthday. (Chile Pleeze)

There are numerous reports allegeding Dylan Roof spent an hour in a prayer meeting at the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church on Wednesday night before opening fire, kiling six females and three males.

The victims, six females and three males, included Reverend Clementa Pinckney, who was the church’s pastor and a Democratic member of the state Senate, according to colleagues.

He reloaded five times even as victims pleaded with him to stop, a relative of Pinckney’s said. Sylvia Johnson, a cousin, told MSNBC that Pastor Pinckney tried to talk him out of it, she said.

This is one of many shootings that have occured in the black church recently and once again, pastors and lay leaders must realize that the church must begin to change its way of thinking when it comes to protecting its members. Everybody walking through the door is not there for the love of Jesus!

This crime reminds me of the tragic killing of Rev. Dr. Martin luther king Jr’s, mother, Alberta King while playing an organ at the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church on June 30th, 1974.

Mrs. King was acting as the church organist and had just finished playing “The Lord’s Prayer,” all heads were bowed when a young black man identified as Marcus Wayne Chenault Jr., 21, yelled out “I’m taking over here.”

Chenault then ran to the pulpit of the church and pulled out two guns. He emptied the pistols into Alberta King, church deacon, Edward Boykin, and congregation member Jimmie Mitchell. As the congregation erupted in chaos, he ran from the church. Dr. King’s sister, Christine King Farris wrote in her 2009 book Through it All, “There were people everywhere. There was a throng of onlookers. When I looked in their eyes I saw what is often described as ‘the thousand-yard stare.’’ It was a kind of blankness I’d never seen before. They were bewildered and in shock. Many were crying; most had their hands pressed to their mouths in disbelief.”

The victims of the shooting were rushed to Atlanta’s Grady Memorial Hospital and it was later announced that Alberta King and deacon Edward Boykin had died from their injuries. (source)

The U.S. Department of Justice opened a hate crime investigation into the shooting just as it has had to do for many years in the past when hate crimes are committed against the church.  I pray that states will now understand the need to keep guns out of our churches!!!!  In many southern states it is legal for a person to bear arms in a house of worship unless the church buidling clearly marks via signage that no guns are allowed. 

The Charleston Shooting should be a wake up  call  for Pastor’s to ensure   while planning Bible studies and prayer meetings,  make sure  security is also present.  Its a shame we are living in a day of guns and Bibles in the church house  but its REAL TALK we must begin to engage!