Mike Epps daughter Bria airs Family Dirty laundry After Mike Neglected to Mention her on Wendy Williams Show


Mike Epps and daughter Bria in happier times

It appears that celebrity Mike Epps really offended his daughter, Bria, with his recent appearance on the Wendy Williams Show when he gave shout outs to two of his children and failed to mention her.  Alledgedly,   she was already mad because her Dad  refused to give her cash to pay for her college tuition, preferring instead to pay the school direct. Allegedly, Bria called her Dad to give him a piece of her mind and in doing so threatened to say some things including airing  some family drama.  Well she sure aired some family dirt, alright!

Bria actions on the phone set Mike off to the point where he literally cussed her out.  Bria recorded the conversation, filed a police report  and publicly released an audio recording of their conversation.

Now what has me a little concerned about how this is going down is that Bria  conveniently left out whatever she said to her Dad to make him go off  and who just happens to have a tape recorder handy in the heat of a family argument.  This is one of those cases that makes you say hmm!

None the less, Mike was definitely wrong for speaking to his daughter  in that manner. No woman should ever be treated so disrespectfully, especially your own daughter, period!   Not sure if  Mike  got a little too caught up in his role as Satan in the new Sparkle movie?

Please place Mike Epps and his daughter Bria on your prayer list tonight y’all. Lord knows they need it and some family counseling too!

Below  is a summary of the conversation with a link to the audio following:


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Bria: “Do you talk to Michelle like this?”

Mike: “You the devil. You the f*in devil. I’m yo daddy! Yell like that again! You the devil. Whatever possessed you to f*ckin talk to me like that, you wrong. And I’ll tell you something…If you do anything to sabotage me, it’s gon be [there forever?]! I’m not gon’ [???] yo ass! I swear to God. [???? somebody]. If you [???] and you sabotage me like you said you would, you gon’ have a problem. You gon’ have a real problem! And everybody in yo family gon’ have a problem”

Bria: “What are you going to do?”

Mike: “I don’t know who you think you playin’ with. You don’t know me! You gon’ see. Do what you gon’ do, and Imma show you.”

Bria: “You ain’t gon do anything but run your mouth just like you do to everybody.

Mike: “Okay. Okay. Do what you gon’ do then Bria. Do what you gon’ do.”

Bria: “Okay well don’t call my phone being disrespectful no more.”

Mike: “Disrespectful b*.”

Bria: “If you got a problem, you know my grandma’s address. Period.”

Click on the link below to here full audio

[Audio] Mike Epps Goes Ape Sh-t On His Daughter: “You Little Disrespectful B-tch!’ | Necole Bitchie.com


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