Celebrity Gossip: Matthew Knowles tight for Cash?

Beyonce and Matthew Knowles

Celebrity Gossip: Beyonce  Dad, Mathew Knowles, can’t have a garage sale chile, rumors were swirling around Houston that he was strapped for cash and selling everything Beyonce off (LOL0


Beyoncé’s father, Mathew Knowles, was found selling some of the Grammy Award winner’s belongings outside his Midtown offices Tuesday.

One shopper found a great deal — three T-shirts for $10 — some dating back to Destiny’s Child’s performances at the Houston Rodeo in 2007.

“My granddaughter happens to be a medium, so I thought I would pick her up a few hats and a shirt,” Mike Orlando said.

There were dozens of boxes of T-shirts, CDs and office furniture at the garage sale, which happened to be on Knowles’ business property.

He said a simple garage sale that his staff decided to put together turned into much more.

“Somehow that became we are going out of business, homeless and selling all of Beyoncé’s stuff to stay alive, which as you can see it’s just the opposite,” he said.

Knowles gave Local 2 a tour of the Music World Entertainment Complex, which includes the House of Dereon Media Center, recording studios and Rice Mansion where pictures of his famous daughter line the wall.

Some speculated the garage was a result of him being strapped for cash.

“If I needed money, I wouldn’t sell $5 T-shirts,” Knowles said. “I’d sell a Grammy or an MTV award. So that is insulting to think we need to sell $5 T-shirts. No, I don’t think so.”

In fact, Knowles says business is good and he has big plans to expand the Music World Entertainment Complex in the next five years. He wants to turn the building that has been filled with all of this old merchandise into a new studio.

Knowles isn’t sure what he is going to do with the money he makes from the garage sale. He thinks it’ll make about $2,000. Knowles says he’ll just be glad when the space is cleared out.