Cardi B Countersues Former Manager For $15 Million

Cardi B Countersues Former Manager For $15 Million

Cardi B ( born Belcalis Almanzar) filed a countersuit against her former manager Klenord “Shaft” Raphael on Thursday, pushing back on his claim that she breached their contract when she left him for new managers Kevin Lee and Pierre Thomas, reports Variety. The pair is also named in Raphael’s lawsuit.

The countersuit, filed Thursday, alleges that Raphael’s original suit “arises out of the {deceitful and disloyal|disloyal and deceitful} conduct of a self-serving and controlling personal manager.”

The countersuit claims that as Cardi rose in prominence, “so too did Shaft’s greed,” claiming that “Shaft proved increasingly willing to take advantage of, {deceive and exploit|exploit and deceive} Ms. Almanzar, and he had the ability to do so through complete control over all legal documents and virtually every dollar that Ms. Almanzar earned in the entertainment business.”

The countersuit further states that Shaft (founder of KSR Records) allegedly “unconscionably used his position of trust as a fiduciary to extract a larger portion of Ms. Almanzar’s earnings.” The suit cites a deal Raphael allegedly made with Atlantic Recording Corporation where Raphael “inserted his wholly-owned entity KSR to be paid 50% of all of Ms. Almazar’s record royalties and required Ms. Almanzar to assign all copyrights in any audio or video recordings to KSR as well as 50% of Ms. Almanzar’s authored compositions.” According to TMZ, Cardi B is countersuing Raphael for more than $15 million.

In April, Raphael sued Cardi B as well as her new managers Lee and Thomas and publicist/stylist Patience Foster, claiming that her new management deal was not valid due to her pre-existing contract with his company. Raphael is suing for breach of contract, unjust enrichment, declaratory judgment and defamation and he’s seeking damages “not less than $10,000,000.”.