The Church Lady Take On: Brian Carn

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Social media can bless and hurt your ministry in a blink of an eye so always remember what I am sure Big Mama always said: “whatever you do in the dark is going to come out in the light!” In social media, it will come out 1000 times more.

Allegedly Brian Carn appeared to have had the exact same conversation as extremely popular physic, Chery Lynn. In February 2104, Cheryl Lynn who proclaims to be a natural born psychic receiving the gift from her fathers lineage with impeccable accurate prediction, presented in predictions for 2015.

Then on New Years Eve 2014, alleged prophet Brian Carn predicted to the T, the same predictions watch the similarities:

Well etremely popular vlogger Miz Justice and the website exposed the video and broke the story.

After the story started being picked up by all the blogs, Brian Carn offered this response:

While most pastors are talking about this issue behind the four walls, Dr. Jamal Bryant creates a video to address this scandal:

Now while I love me some Jamal Bryant, I am disappointed that Dr. Jamal Bryant would not address the real issue surrounding Dr. Brian Carn’s and physic Cheryl Lynn identical prophecies, he chose to berate the persons and websites that called it out.

Whenever a “lay person” or what Dr. Bryant is calling “Ushers” calls out a pastor, they are always chastised for committing the great taboo and told they are going straight to hell for it. I have said for years that Christians are often told to sit down and be quiet, in fact, I blogged about this issue a few years ago on just what just what touch not my anointing really means. God’s anointing is not just placed on you as Apostles Dr. Brayant, the anointing is also placed on “Ushers”

I agree with Dr. Jamal Bryant in that we should not beat down Brian Carn and we should pray for him, however, we do have the right as lay ministers to CALL out false Prophets, in fact, God mandates that of us!

Thank God for the use of social media, it is a new day and we have several channels to call out false prophets.

While calling out the “Ushers” to sit down on Periscope, Dr. Bryant, you only added fuel to Brian Carn’s fire, for as you know, Ushers rarely ever sit down and often prefer to STAND UP!

Readers I would love to know your take on this, should the Ushers sit down? Scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter them in the comments section.

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