Black Celebrity News: Will and Jada Smith under Investigation


black celebrity News: Willow Smith

Black Celebrity News: Willlow Smith Instagram photo gets Will and Jada in Trouble with the Law!

It appears that Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are now under investigation by the Los Angeles County Department of Child and Family Services, after a photo of their 13 year old daughter, Willow Smith  and a 20 year old actor, Moises Arias appeared on Instagram.

Allegedly, Jada Pinkett Smith does not think it is such a big deal,  stating:


“Here’s the deal. There was nothing sexual about that picture or that situation; you guys are projecting your trash onto it, and you’re acting like covert pedophiles, and that’s not cool.”

Really, Jada!

Chile Pleeze how in the world would you think it is ok for a 13 year old to be laid up in bed with a 20 year old man, what kind of planet are you living on now?

It’s  not at all about us projecting trash onto it at all, it is inappropriate, point blank period.

Now what bothers me most about this whole incident is that when Michael Jackson was caught laying in a bed with a minor, they locked him up body searched every area of his body and tried to throw away the key on him, so my question is (what’s really wrong with this picture)

Why ain’t the LAPD knocking down Mr. Arias door?  (IJS)

According to Radar Online, the department has officially opened an investigation into the incident.

Source and Photo: The Root

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