Bishop TD Jakes goes in on Social Media Commentor

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Bishop T. D. Jakes does not play around when it comes to his family and although he may be America’s beloved Pastor, he defintely knows hot to GO THERE WITH You!  The net is buzzing with the news that Bishop Jakes recent recent responses to a social media commentor, read the full story below:

As reported by EEW Magazine

Should pastors respond to social media attacks from the pulpit on Sundays? Well, if mega pastor Bishop TD
Jakes  feisty response to a woman’s comment on Instagram, which he found to be unfavorable is any indication,
then, the answer is yes.

On Jan. 12 during his morning sermon at The Potter’s House in Dallas on “Transformative Thinking,” the
outspoken leader went off on a commenter named Jennifer Lewis whose Instagram handle is “missjennylew.”

Apparently,  Bishop TD Jakes didn’t take too kindly to his fellow social networker’s post beneath a photograph of his wife of
more than 30 years wearing black gloves with her outfit.

“Why does she wear gloves? And I doubt I’ll get a response,” wrote the questioner in a concise comment that
has since been deleted, though Empowering Everyday Women captured the screen shot.
The fashion critic then added, “Please don’t ignore my question.”

Though the Mega Fest founder and best-selling author said nothing in response online, he let this woman have
it offline.

“I didn’t answer her because I thought it might sound bad to say ‘Because she wants to, because those are her
hands, her business and what does that have to do with you anyway?”

Jakes continued, “And you ought to be focusing on what you got on and leave my wife alone before I clock on
you in a public forum!’”
“And she said, ‘Don’t ignore me,’ like she was my mother,” he went on, while informing missjennylew that “trying
to force a 56-year-old man to obey you is gone take the rest of your life, and you’re gonna fail, because I’m just
as hateful and stubborn as you are.”

After pointing out that hatefulness and stubbornness motivated his decision to give her the silent treatment,
Jakes said, “I thought, ‘Before I answer you, I will flush this iPad down the commode.’”

To top it all off, Jakes said, “I’m trying to protect you woman. You don’t want this tongue beating I’m getting
ready to put on you over these gloves.”

Though Mrs. Jakes’ gloves were on, Mr. Jakes’ gloves came off in that verbal war.

If that wasn’t admonition for those listening to mind their own business—especially when it comes to this
particular pastor—Jakes outright told the congregation, “Just because you watch my broadcast doesn’t mean
you get to pick my tie.”

He will not be controlled.