Bishop TD Jakes is NOT Dead-Fake News Must Stop

TD Jakes Dead-Fake News

Bishop TD Jakes is Alive and Well all:

A Hoax news website News 360 ( posted a fake news article titled “CONFIRMED: Bishop T.D. Jakes Dies In His Sleep At 59” on March 26, 2017. The fake article opens:

“The most renowned African-American pastor, “T. D.” Jakes reportedly dead this morning in his residence, Dallas, Texas. According to the Dallas Voice, the homophobic Dallas Megachurch pastor had not been ill when he died in his sleep leaving behind his wife of 61 years and five children.”

The story is not true: neither the official website of the T.D. Jakes ministry nor his Facebook page have confirmed the news, and the T.D. Jakes Twitter account h makes no mention of the death of T.D. Jakes at all. I am sure by now if the most influential pastor in America had died it would be all over the mainstream news, but I felt the need to post something because of the number of inquiries being made to my blog. Its not true, so Let it Go, as Bishop T.D. Jakes would say all is well.

Here is one of Bishop’s latest tweet videos posted today:

Please pass along to Saints who may wonder if it is true, this Fake News stuff is getting out of hand!