Bishop T.D. Jakes Speaks to Oprah about Preaching, His Haters and other Things


Hot off the Church Press, Bishop T.D. Jakes allowed Oprah Winfrey into his  mega church,  The Potters House, on Easter Sunday to attend church service and  be interviewed on  the OWN network’s television show “Next Chapter” .  I found his interview to be extremely enlightening and very motivational.   My recap of their time together follows:

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Oprah  wanted to know what it was like for Jakes to preach to millions of people with him responding by saying that the  “weight and responsibility of sharing with people what you believe” is the same whether preaching in front of a crowd of seven or 7,000.”

“When I was speaking to the seven, I took it just as seriously,” Jakes said. “The job is still the same. I think that’s how you end up with thousands of people — is that you take small beginnings seriously.”

They talked about his rock star success since starting his church at the age of 19 noting that  he now  lives in a mansion in Dallas, has his own plane and drives expensive vehicles. Oprah wanted to hear Jakes perspective on all the criticism that he has received as a result of his success.

Bishop Jakes Responded:

“He (God) allows your cup to run over. I don’t think the issue of clergy is what you drive or where you live, its more how you got it,” Jakes said. “If you got it abusing and breaking the backs of people, that’s a bad thing. If you put yourself before the congregation, that’s a bad thing.”

I loved Bishop Jakes answer to that question, so many pastors abuse the church to make their income, they actually rob God, they have no business ventures of their own  and they use the churches resources to build their own empires.

Not, T.D. Jakes,  who has always had a business mind and while he was ministering to people he  was also building a business of some kind or another on the side.   Bishop Jakes a great preacher, yes, but, he was also always  a savvy business man who has worked hard in other areas to acquire his wealth.

Let me ask you a question, how many times did your Mama or grandmamma tell you to always have a little something on the side for a rainy day, and how many of  y’all have a part-time job,  why can’t a preacher?  Especially these days, Chile Pleeze,  they never know when the door might get locked on them with the way some of these Boards are acting!

Ok, I am getting off track, back to T.D. Jakes, I think it is great that T.D. Jakes has earned the level of success that he has and still takes the time to minister to people.  He has risen to the top and some might even argue  that Bishop T.D. Jakes is male version of Oprah with his media empire growing larger every year.

Congratulations T.D. Jakes on your accomplishments and thank you Oprah for finally waking up and realizing that you needed to focus on more African American network programing. Your church chat with Bishop Jakes is a winner with the Church Lady!


Great  job to you both!




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