Bishop Noel Jones Responds to Baby Daddy Rumor

"Stacy Francis Noel Jones"

"Stacy Francis Noel Jones"

A   Message from Bishop Noel Jones regarding Stacy Francis Baby Daddy rumors:

By: Bishop Jones via Twitter


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This is Bishop Noel Jones. Please focus with me on the positive efforts we expend daily towards improving people’s lives, including the provision of food & clothing to tens of thousands of people, in sharing the Gospel and in doing God’s work around the world. Rumors and innuendo, to the extent they attract attention, may further assist us in exposing more people, causing them to join Gideon’s Army and one another in making the world a better place.


Bishop Noel Jones


 Kudos to Bishop Jones for responding to what will surely be the topic of conversation in the gospel world over the next few days,  Stacy Francis admission to Radar Online that Bishop Noel Jones was her 2nd baby’s daddy.

Bishop Jones message reminds us to stay focused on fulfilling the Great Commission and not him.  I guess he told US!

Although I will be very disappointed if  this rumor is found to be true,   I realize that Bishop Jones is human like all of us who have our own flaws and skeletons.  As for me on  my blog, we  will  continue to pray for Bishop Jones and Stacy.

 Update 5/16/2013

Bishop Noel Jones relationship with LisaRaye McCoy is allegedly  finally confirmed and will be a featured storyline on a reality show this fall.  Click here to read story

Update 10/18/2013

Check out Bishop Jones latest relationship revealed on his new reality show, Preachers of L.A. with best friend Loretta

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