Bishop Noel and Jones Lisa Raye Update: Radio Interviews- On Rumor Control

Lisa Raye and her spirtual advisor, Luther McKenzie,   conduct radio interviews regarding the engagement to Bishop Noel Jones rumors and her walk with God.

Here is another interview where Lisa Raye’s spirtual advisor Luther McKenzie (yall remember him from Lisa Raye’s show–he appeared as her spirtual advisor who also disspells the Lisa Raye and Bishop Jones engagement rumors.

In this interview the announcer mentions that the couple are dating, however, they are NOT engaged. But, her advisor who said he sent her to Bishop Noel Jones’ church to learn the Word did not confirm that they were dating.

                                                                                                                                I am glad that Lisa is growing spirtually,  telling her story and  pray that she finds happiness with whomever she decides to date.