Bishop Joseph Walker: 2nd lawsuit filed (5 million dollar one)


A second lawsuit has been filed against Bishop Joseph Walker this time by a male former member,   Corey Lamont Corbin filed a separate lawsuit. In it he claims he and his wife sought “marriage counseling” from Bishop Walker. Corbin said that “coercion from Walker led to the couple’s marital and sexual relationship continued to deteriorate.” He claims that the counseling led to “the destruction of his marriage and the seduction of his wife.” Now I did not think this case could get any more scandulous as it already was, but I was wrong, this is beyond scandulous this is just plain old trifling if it is true!

 By: Bob Smietana|The Tennessean
The pastor of one of Nashville’s largest churches faces a second lawsuit alleging sexual misconduct involving a church member.

Corey Corbin, a former member of Mt. Zion Baptist Church, filed a $5 million lawsuit on Thursday, claiming that Bishop Joseph Walker III ruined Corbin’s marriage by sleeping with Corbin’s former wife.

John Van Mol, a church spokesman, issued a statement on Thursday about both lawsuits.

“There is nothing new here. No matter how many times plaintiff’s counsel re-hashes the same fabrications, the result will be the same — unworthy of comment,” the statement read.

The new suit names Walker, two of his assistants and the church as defendants. Corbin alleges he and his former wife, then newlyweds, went to see Bishop Walker for pastoral counseling back in 2000. After the counseling, Corbin alleges, Walker began a long-term affair with his wife, which led to their divorce in 2004.

Corbin’s lawyer, Connie Allison, also represents Valencia Batson, another former Mt. Zion member who previously sued Walker and Mt. Zion.

Allison recently filed an amended complaint in that lawsuit, with more details about Walker’s alleged misconduct.

That amended complaint alleges that Walker had sexual contact with Batson in two of the buildings where Mt. Zion holds church services — at 1112 Jefferson St. in Nashville and 7594 Old Hickory Boulevard in White’s Creek.

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