Bishop Gordon Humphrey RIP


It is being reported that Bishop Gordon Humphrey Jr, pastor of three congregations dropped dead in the pulpit this past Sunday morning soon after he began preaching  a Christmas themed message about “Hope in the Manger”and had just finished singing a few lyrics of Pharell’s “Happy Song” .

“I’m not sure if they determined the cause of death but it’s been said he may have had a heart attack,” said Hunter whom Humphrey recently installed as pastor of Olivet Institutional Missionary Baptist Church in Oakland, California after pastoring there for more than 30 years.

Humphrey was serving as senior pastor of 3 churches at the time of his death: Olivet Church in Oakland, California; Olivet Church in Stockton, California, and the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Chicago, which his father, Gordon Humphrey, Sr. had pastored for some 40 years before his passing forced Humphrey Jr. to relocate there a few years ago.

Congregants tried frantically, but in the end their efforts proved futile, to revive their spiritual leader.

“They did call paramedics right away. They had people in the church that are in the medical field working on him as well and he was taken to the hospital. Every location was devastated. Stockton, Oakland, Shiloh, everybody was devastated,” said Hunter who wants his mentor to be remembered for doing what he loved and doing it well.

“We are putting emphasis that he passed doing what he loved to do and he loved preaching and that’s the relationship he had with God and when he preached he gave it his all. So he passed doing the thing that he loved to do and that is [to] share the word of God and minister to the body of Christ,” explained Hunter.

“For years he walked the streets and met with drug addicts and gangbangers that was against each other and [made them] begin to love. He brought all people together,” Hunter added. Humphrey was a person that “everybody liked”.

Chile, I done told these preachers running around here trying to be Super Preacher that they only got one body and they were not Jesus Christ, so they better take time for themselves and get plenty of rest.


Bishop Gordon Humphrey Jr. Funeral Service are as follows:

bishop gordon humphrey jr funeral

About Bishop Gordon Humphrey: (from the church’s website)

Pastor Gordon A. Humphrey Jr. was born to the proud parents of Gordon Humphrey, Sr. and Helen Humphrey in Ohio. Rev. Humphrey’s father pastored the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Chicago, Illinois for over 40 years. Rev. Humphrey was reared in the Chicago public school system and later attended Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. He is accompanied in ministry by his wife Diane and two children, Gordon III and Cha’Rena.

Pastor Humphrey is noted for his prolific urban message that encourages people from all walks of life to give their lives to Christ. He has been the Pastor and visionary of the Olivet Institutional Missionary Baptist Church in Oakland, California for the past 30 years. Rev. Humphrey is in great demand as an evangelist and his ministry has allowed him to preach the Gospel across the entire nation.

Pastor Humphrey is currently the Senior Pastor of 3 churches: Olivet Church, Oakland, CA, Olivet Church, Stockton, CA, and the Shiloh Baptist Church in Chicago, IL

After a brief sabbatical, along with a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, God spoke to Pastor Humphrey regarding the direction for his ministry. Out of this came a new and nonconventional approach to worship that accepts people as they are but challenges them not to stay in the shape they’re in. This was also a time when the Olivet Church began to experience a worship experience that has been implemented in other churches across the country.

Over 20 years ago Pastor Humphrey established “Sunday Night Live,” a service where all are welcome to come and experience the presence of God without condemnation or judgment. This “Come As You Are” service has been modeled by Pastors and churches across the nation. Pastor Humphrey is also the executive producer of the CD entitled, Olivet Oakland, Sunday Night Live! “You’re In The Right Place At The Right Time.” This project has gained national and international recognition for its inspirational and spirit filled tracks.

Pastor Humphrey is a visionary with boldness to proclaim the Word without compromise. He is inspired by God, directed by the Spirit, and passionate about people and their growth. He is forever your servant, Pastor Gordon A. Humphrey Jr.

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