Bishop Eddie Long “The Untold Story”

bishop eddie long untold story

Bishop Eddie Long Health Update 9/6/2016

Bishop Eddie Long  “The Untold Story” Unveiled on May 15, 2016 at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church


Bishop Eddie Long appropriately and thoughtfully allowed his members of Newbirth Missionary Baptist Church first looks at the reading his new book, The Untold Story, the story of Adversity, Pain, and Resilience.

His original facebook post did not indicate when the book would be available for sale to the public, however, you are encouraged to text:
LONG to the number 72000
to get connected and keep updated on the public release.

I pray as Christians CLB family  that we will be open to reading the book in love and remember that we are never qualified to speak on that which we do not know.

If you are already saying that you are are not going to buy and read the book than how do you feel that you will be able to contribute to the conversations around it.

Let us be mindful of what Mama and Big Mama always said,  “there’s always two sides to every story, chile.”

Because I have no idea what the book is about, I am not about to speculate on  its contents, but I am happy to know that Bishop Eddie Long and his beloved congregation
Newbirth Missionary Baptist Church appears to be healing and moving forward in the ministry. God’s grace, mercy, and favor surpass all things Saints.