Bishop Eddie Long : The Power of God’s Love


Bishop Eddie Long and the members of Newbirth Missionary Baptist Church showed the world the “Power of God’s Love”

In a very moving testimony Bishop Eddie Long shares with his congregation that in the midst of being condemned from the four corners of the earth, he was ready to kill himself but what kept him was not a scripture, but the love he received from his congregation.

Bishop Eddie Long thanked his congregation for not judging him, they loved him and it was their love that lifted him. In witnessing Bishop Long surrounded by so many Saints, one cannot deny that Bishop Eddie Long with the grace of God and love of his congregation has done what no other pastor of a mega church involved in church scandal of that magnitude has ever done, they overcame and their ministry continues!

Bishop Eddie Long made a very powerful statement in his testimony, …” the scripture says, He so Loved the world, not he so judged the world”

What is most amazing to me is how nobody talks about the wonderful things this congregation and pastor continue to do in ministry and how they overcame a perfect storm. I am so happy that Bishop Long and Newbirth Missionary Baptist Church have awakened and will continue to pray for your strength in letting down their guard and coming from under the radar.

I am sick and tired of church folk who always want to talk about what somebody else’s church or pastor is doing, yet, when you go into your own backyard and look into your glass house, you are too scared to throw a stone cause you know it will come tumbling down.

Bishop Long also challenges those of us working in social media reminding us that we don’t have a right to kill a person on social media and you know what he is right, especially if we call ourselves Christians, so I accept your challenge Bishop Long and will continue to keep that in mind as I write on tough subjects. I must admit it is not always easy when we have to deal with heavy matters especially involving the church.  I  thank you for sharing this message on Facebook because all I saw and felt while viewing it was “The Power of God’s Love”

God bless you Bishop Eddie Long and Newbirth Missionary Baptist Church, I will continue to pray  your strength as you continue your work in Kingdom Building.

The love God has for us can’t be measured! #WatchAndShare #NewBirth

Posted by New Birth Missionary Baptist Church on Sunday, February 14, 2016