Bill Cosby Daughter Evin Speaks Out

bill cosby trial

In less than one month, Bill Cosby will begin his trial for allegedly drugging and raping a woman and less than one week ago Bill O Riley was awarded 25 million dollars for sexually assaulting women just before leaving his job and starting his own podcast getting positive press.

Also, the media gave the smallest amount of attention to Bill O’Riley’s sexual assault accusations, I would say max one week, yet they have spent the last two years spinning negative news about Bill Cosby ALLEGED charges. Bill Cosby who has not been found guilty of anything yet, in fact, many of the cases the media was quick to cover last year have been dropped because they lacked evidence. We did not hear the media revealing those important facts, did we? Bottom line, Bill Cosby is being treated like a convicted criminal and what’s worse, we can’t entirely call the race card on this unfortunate media crucifixion, as black HBCU’s by which the Cosby’s donated millions were quick to denounce one of the most famous African American father figures on TV. What is most perplexing to me about their decision to do such is while they were quick to remove his name from their buildings, its funny how they were too broke to give the money back!!!

Recently his daughter, Evin Cosby, took to facebook to publicly address her Dad’s current situation, I found her statement heart wrenching: