Bible Mini Series: Inside Look


The Bible comes to the big Screen

Hollywood’s biggest Reality TV producer, Mark Burnett (Survivor, The Voice), has teamed up with his wife, actress Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel) to bring you the Bible like ‘it’s never been seen before’.  The ,mini series started airing on March 3 on the History chanel and will run weekly until March 31 (Easter Sunday)

The Bible, which follows from Genesis to Revelation, is Burnett and Downey’s passion project, one they hope will encourage and enlighten believing and non-believing audiences alike.
Recently, Burnett and Downey got personal with, sharing what the Bible means to them as believers in Jesus Christ.

What do you hope this miniseries will do in terms of how it will influence the Entertainment industry?

Roma: Certainly, we hope that all people will enjoy the stories. But on the one hand, perhaps people who don’t share our faith, who have not read the Bible, who have not had an opportunity to go to church will become acquainted with how amazing these stories from the Bible are. I think the faithful will be just reminded and uplifted.

We have told this story faithfully, from Genesis to Revelation. It’s an introductory to the Bible. In only 10 hours, we couldn’t tell the whole Bible, of course. But we hope that we’ll touch people’s lives. It’s God’s love for us; it’s the story of redemption and hope. And it will be our hope that people are touched by it everywhere.

We see the opportunity, obviously, in the States for that, but we also see an opportunity for it to go into the world, to go around into countries that we never get to visit, with people that we may never get to meet, and it will touch their lives. We know the Book can change lives; we know that our Bible is a book that changes lives. So, we felt called to bring this to the screens. And our hope also is that it just reminds people, it helps people to re-engage, to take their Bible back down off the shelf, and to be uplifted, to give them hope.  Read the entire interview here

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