Beyoncé puts out the Fire Showing us better than Telling Us!


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Beyoncé kicks off Superbowl with a press conference getting the record straight, she Can SANG  the National Anthem, Brilliant!!!

As we all know, the was much hoopla about Beyoncé  performance at the inauguration. For almost two weeks my girl Beyoncé kept her mouth shut and let everybody have their say, but today she shut everybody up chile! I don’t know who her publicist is but that move was brilliant to say the least.

When Beyoncé walked on stage she asked the audience to rise, then proceeding to give an impeccable, LIVE a capella performance of the National Anthem. After she finished she asked the audience, simply, “Any questions?”

And you know they came pouring in, Beyoncé was asked several times to explain what exactly happened at the Presidential Inauguration.

“I am a perfectionist and one thing about me, I practice until my feet bleed. I did not have time to rehearse with the orchestra, it was a live television show,” Knowles explained. “Due to the weather, due to the delay, due to no proper sound check I did not feel comfortable taking the risk.”

“It was about the President and the Inauguration so I decided to sing along with the prerecorded track, which is very common in the music industry,” continued Beyoncé. “I am very proud of my performance.”

After a few questions on whether or not Destiny’s child would be reunited during Superbowl, Beyoncé neither confirmed or denied but did mention how excited she was about the groups new project Love Songs.

Everybody is anticipating Sunday’s performance Beyoncé was asked if she planned to sing live on Sunday or sing with a pre-recorded track like Madonna did last year.
“I will absolutely be singing live. I am well rehearsed and I will absolutely be singing live. It’s what I was born to do, what I was born for.” Added the superstar, “I’ve had a sixteen year career and all of the things I’ve done have prepared me for this. I’m ready.”

Oprah even chimed in on all the hoopla, watch:

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