Daily Urban News Alert: Beyonce & Anderson Cooper Interview (video)

"Beyonce on Anderson Cooper Show"

Beyonce talks, purpose, self-esteem and a totally different outlook on life since having Blue Ivy in her life  in  an exclusive interview with  Anderson Cooper on the premier of his new talk show.

The queen of Pop music star, Beyonce told Anderson that she loves motherhood including changing diapers and that she sings corny love songs to her beautiful daughter.

She also spilled the beans and let us know that hubby Jay Z also steps in to change a few diapers himself.

Beyonce with her honey blonde colored hair looked stunning and spoke with confidence as she gave some insight on her involvement with Word Humanitarian Day.

President Barack Obama I am sure is happy to have Jay Z and Beyoncé in his corner, allegedly they are planning a fundraiser on behalf of the President to raise voter registration awareness for the 2012 presidential campaign and of course money to help the Obama’s remain in office four more years!

I ain’t mad at you Mr. President!

Watch the full Beyonce: Anderson Cooper interview now


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