Best Funeral Ever Review

One word sums up my review of Golden Gate Funeral Home in Dallas, Texas.
Best Funeral Ever: Ghetto

I don’t know where to begin but let’s start with the professional mourners, now I know much of reality shows are scripted but in reality who hires professional mourners to fall out at a funerals and why?

If I lived a fruitful life I would hope there would not be a need for a funeral home to hire a professional mourner.

Next lets focus on the preacher, jack leg, need I say more?

Funerals Willie McCoy who became famous for singing the iconic jingle for Chili’s baby back ribs but After TLC’s “Best Funeral Ever,” he’ll be remembered for the ghetto fabulous

Barbecue theme for the entire service, as was that jingle. McCoy’s pallbearers were singing it as they carried him out in a casket shaped like a smoker. The pastor was wearing a chef’s hat, and there were even live pigs present.

I told y’all it is ghetto fabulous and I read somewhere  people are paying big bucks for these services. I just have to question that, Chile!
Watch a clip of a one of a kind  funeral home