Attn. Mega Church Pastors: “The Jig is UP”

"The Church Lady"

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Pastors of  Mega churches are charismatic and push dramatic, music-filled ministries that help retain members.  Mega Churches, among other things, are big businesses and their pastor operates as  a CEO as often as a Pastor.  One of the primary jobs of a CEO  is to  build relationships that ensures the organization’s growth. That, perhaps,  is how  Eddie Long  was operating when he developed a relationship with investment salesmen (non Licensed), Ephren Taylor, that  caused ten members of New Birth  to file suit against Bishop Long and the Church.  I am sure this news story is of great interest to Mega Church Pastors and should send a strong signal that  ‘THE JIG is UP!

Why? because the Mega Church Pastors can no longer look to the Church as its primary finance company.  Yes, I said it.  Some pastors have become extremely wealthy individuals using the church as their finance company with no ROI paid back to the church.

Some Mega Church Pastors will argue that they are their own entreprenuer in addition to being a Pastor and they have a seperate business entity outside of the church.  I wonder  how many of those same pastors are willing to be transparent and show their members where their initial financing came to help them build this seperate entity.

How many Pastors would freely admit that their Mega Church financed their television broadcast appearances which  helped them build media exposure that later helped them get  deals with New York publishing houses.

And why would a publishing house take a chance on publishing a pastor’s book of sermons or self help guide, churchlady?

They aren’t taking a chance chile, don’t think for one minute they didn’t do the research on the TV Broadcast to find out how popular that preacher was. Of course they have a safety net, if the book doesn’t sell well in mainstream Amerca,  they can always market it  in the the Mega Church Pastor’s bookstore.

So how does this tie to the church as a finance company?

It was the church chile, not the pastor, who paid for the pastor to be on TV in the first place.  Now traditionally finance companies charge you a premium to borrow their money.  I wonder how many church trustees asked the Pastor for a cut of the money when the Pastor  made the deal with the publisher that used the same sermons preached from their church’s  pulpit and later televised to help build the Pastors influence, all at the expense of the church.

And why, church lady would a Pastor need to gain national media exposure?

Well, if a Pastor has desires to build their own business in addition to being a Pastor,  gaining media exposure is extremly important. You see its all about numbers.  If a Pastor  wanted to become an author the easiest thing to do is publish and distribute sermons. If  they don’t want to self publish,  they  need to gain the attention of a national publishing house.   In order to gain  attention they  have to prove that they as well as their product is marketable.  One of the tools they  could use to present their case would be a tv broadcast viewing audience.

Many simply use the TV Broadcast audience to help them  gain enough influence to become established  in other revenue producing areas of ministry including:  conferences, preaching and speaking engagements.

And speaking of preaching and speaking engagements, lets talk about the preachers chitlin  circuit for a minute . Did you realize the average Mega Church Pastor gets paid $3,000 to preach for 30 minutes in your pulpit.  And, that is not including travel expenses which is always first class airline ticket and lodging in a five star hotel with car service.  Chile, please don’t get me started on the church financing preaching engagement scam!

But, the Jig is Up!  Mega Church Preachers, cause the church, even the mega church, can’t afford to finance the preacher’s circuit anymore.  The economy is forcing everybody,  even the person you stacked on your trustee board to look at how you are doing business today.

So, beware,  the I’ ll give you a $3,000 check from my church this month and you get me a $3,000 check from your church next month won’t be around for much longer  and rightfully so, why in the world should a Preacher be paid $100 per minute.  That’s right  if a church gives you a $3,000 honorarium and you are on the pulpit for 30 minutes, the church just paid you $100 for every minute you were in the pulpit.  That is some expensive financing especially when the finance company won’t ever see the ROI on that kind of deal. Half the time these pastors don’t even give you a fresh sermon for that kind of money.  Now if you are lecturing at University’s or Corporattions by all means charge the big bucks, but not the church.

Mega Church Pastors,  I agree that the church must seek ways to raise funds just like any other non profit organization and that is the reason you have a trustee board or  business administrators.  This is just another example of why the Mega Church MUST  re-examine their current business practices.





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