Atlanta Gospel Fest 2014 Owner Being Sued by gospel artist Lena James

Altanta Gospel fest 2014 being sued

A civil lawsuit has been filed against Atlanta Gospel Fest organizer, Dr. Riki Brooks by Gospel Artist Lena James, Chile Favor ain’t always Fair!

I posted a story recently noting that the 9th Annual Atlanta Gospel Fest was a hot mess  detailing with videos  how disrespectful many gospel artists including Vicki Winans, Lena James and others were treated including being asked to vacate the building.

While Dr. Brooks toted  just a couple of years ago  in a video (see below) 2  that her goal is to bring great events to the community and to empower and inspire people to continuously praise God in every way as possible especially the arts,  her actions are definitely not matching her words.  Allegedly she bilked Ms. Lena James out of $15,000 and owes  in the hundreds of thousands from breached contracts, loans, hotel stays and much more. (see below)

Vicki Winans made it clear publicly  her stand on the matter and allegedly is also filing a civil lawsuit against the Atlanta Gospel Fest for defamng her name,  Lena James  is determined to bring about public awareness regarding the alleged shady business practices of Dr. Riki Brooks, organizer of The Atlanta Gospel Fest by not only filing a civil lawsuit but also completing an application requesting a criminal warrant for her arrest.

Further, Lena James is asking members of the press to please help her get the story out and for those that reside in the Atlanta, GA area to join her  September 5th at 9:00am at The Magistrate court downtown Atlanta court room 213, to show Dr. Riki Brooks and The Atlanta Gospel Fest Organization we will no longer stand for this behavior and demand a public apology, immediate restitution for all those deceived, and calling for a financial investigation into this organization.

She recently held a press conference releasing the following statement:

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Our very own governor Nathan Deal and so many other major businesses, sponsors and endorses Dr. Riki Brooks and The Atlanta Gospel Fest. At this time I am unsure if any are aware of these deceitful practices by this organization. I have taken it upon myself to file a civil suit, and an application for a criminal arrest warrant against Dr. Riki Brooks as not only I, have invested over $15,000.00, but it is a fact that Dr.Riki Brooks owe in the hundreds of thousands from breeched contracts, loans, hotel stays and much more. In my research since the evening of August 2nd when before the eyes of many who attended The Atlanta Gospel Fest 2014 here at The Cobb Galleria, it was revealed that the headliner Ms. Vickie Winans was tricked and was never expected to show up on stage and announce to the audience, the underhanded means this organization has taken to deceive even themseleves at a ticketed event.

In the small number of those who have already come forth concerning this matter, have expressed to me unbelievable amounts owed them.  Dr. Riki Brooks has established a pattern of using well-known, national recording artists such as Vickie Winans, J Moss, Natalie Grant, Lisa McClendon, and so many others alone with world renowned ministers such as Dr. Jamal Bryant, Pastor Hart Ramsey and so many more for the purpose of using names only to sell tickets, and further her deceptive practices. By getting these individuals to become a part of the current event, Dr. Riki Brooks knowingly uses former artists, ministers, and even governor Nathan Deal endorsement to lure into an agreement, unsuspecting current individuals to invest, even knowingly she has not fulfilled prior obligations concerning contracts, sponsorship packages and has not paid back any monies owed from prior to now current

The means taken by Dr. Riki Brooks organization to deceive, is despicable and downright underhanded and most of all sad, and do not reflect those in our communities that put on such events to further the good news in a positive way. I represent all those prior and present that have been taken advantage of by this organization and hope all will join me September 5th at 9:00am at The Magistrate court downtown Atlanta court room 213, to show Dr. Riki Brooks and The Atlanta Gospel Fest Organization we will no longer stand for this behavior and demand a public apology, immediate restitution for all those deceived, and calling for a financial investigation into this organization.”

When asked by a member of our team why she was insistent upon filing a lawsuit, Ms. James replied:

“It is not about one person being treated wrong, it is about the years of so many never receiving justice. It is good to file a lawsuit against Riki Brooks to retrieve your own money back and that helps, but what about going further to ensure she never does this to anyone else. No one over the years stood up to her that is why she was able to continue doing the same thing year after year.
Well God knew he had a solider that would go the distance for him no matter what and would not stop in doing his will concerning this matter, and that is to publicly let others see if they too fail to heed his warnings for repentance it is only a matter of time before they give him no choice but to act. God had warn this organization over the years to stop this practice. Now time is up!.”
Ms. James also alleges that:
“Daily I received message from those of former years stating how nasty Dr. Brooks becomes toward them as they ask her for payment etc… I have paperwork from a few vendors and businesses that state their contract was not fulfilled. I have paperwork concerning the close of Dr. Riki Brooks account so she would not have to honor any checks for payments she has written, The list goes on and on and governor Nathan Deal endorses this mess. I have contacted the governors office and spoke with his assistant to make him aware of my intentions and that is to hold Dr. Riki Brooks and others accountable for the years of deceiving people.”
Ms James is calling all those affected by the alleged criminal activities surrounding Dr. Riki Brooks or  owed a refund to first  contact the Governor’s office and file a complaint with Consumer Affairs at 404-651-8600.
After you have completed the first step,  contact constituent services within the governors office at 404-656-1776 explaining that you have filed a complaint against Dr. Riki Brooks and the Atlanta Gospel Fest and you are owed a refund.
Finally, all those affected and members of the media are encouraged to join Lena James on September 5, 2014 in court where she prays that  justice will finally be served!
“My court date is September 5th and getting this out to the public will draw others out to come join me there whom Riki Brooks has deceived and can support me in court where if I show intent and a pattern of this behavior which is known at this point my arrest warrant will be granted.”
When: September 5, 2014
Where: 185 Central Ave. S.W. courtroom 213
Time: 9:00 a.m
*you will not be required to testify
To follow this story or interview Ms. James please click here
Lena James forwarded to us a copy of the application filed requesting an arrest warrant be issued with fulton county:

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I plan to send a member of my team and encourage other bloggers in the area to do the same, cause people work too hard for their money to be bamboozled and artist to hard to keep a good reputation. Chile Pleeze!

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