AT2W: Pens open letter to Pastors “Blogging Aint Easy”

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By: AT2W staff

Dear Mr. Preacher, The Truth of the Matter is Blogging Ain’t Easy

Note: We wish not to offend anyone that reads this but it must be addressed.

We wanted to address many people who think that bloggers are only lonely busy bodies that don’t have anything else to do but talk about people, especially the church and pastors. Contrary to popular belief, blogging is not only a form of free speech and therapy but its an outlet to express personal views of what is important to many people in the world.

Dear Mr. Preacher, The Truth is Blogging Ain’t Easy

Many of us like our team here at AT2W, have a true passion for the love of God and how we all can exemplify that love into obedience to Jesus Christ which ultimately pleases Him. Our whole goal whether many agree or not, is to reveal and unveil the truth behind little dirty deeds inflicted on the body of Christ young and old. It is our goal and mission to inform the world and those who will listen to be aware and perhaps beware of pulpit counterfeiters in sheep’s clothing.

If you hear us talk about how one preacher was caught molesting children, another sleeping with prostitutes or another preaching the word of God for pure financial gain, then you should know that people need to know. People need to know that these things happen in the church and frankly, its all too well and alive amongst many men and women of the cloth.

Dear Mr. Preacher, The Truth is Blogging Ain’t Easy

Please, Mr. Preacher, believe us when we say this is not a easy task to do. Many of us are extremely bothered and disturbed by the neglect many pastors have for teaching the real word of God and actually living it. We stay up at nights, carry headaches and tension due to the spirit of lust, greed and disregard for who truly is God in many pulpits.

It is not easy to put into words the hurt and pain we feel when another little one is molested by a pastor or bishop. Then we have to hear stories about how boys grow up to be gay because they were violated by a man of God in the sanctity of the house of God. These young men now have a distorted view of life, love and liberty. Yes, and some pastor contributed to their now lifestyle.

Dear Mr. Preacher, The Truth is Blogging Ain’t Easy

What about the young girl inappropriately touched by the pastor or bishop and grows up to believe all men are no good. These girls never know what a real father figure is because the pure name of  ‘pastor’ or ‘bishop’ to a young girl is now destroyed. We then read about how some young women are now lesbians and in abusive relationships because ‘the church’ was not a safe haven for her.

Dear Mr. Preacher, The Truth is Blogging Ain’t Easy

It’s not easy, Mr. Preacher to know that some of our pastors have sexual and lustful desires that they use to manipulate anyone they like. We know why- because he or she is pastor and no one turns down pastor. Pastors seem to get away with using people in the church as sexual pawns of a king and expect to receive what they want when they want. This, Mr. Preacher is not easy to digest.

Dear Mr. Preacher, The Truth is Blogging Ain’t Easy

The image of bloggers like yours truly AToast2Wealth  (AT2W) is very prevalent on the internet. We all and I hope many don’t mind us mentioning, have a passion for how pastors use their authority in position of the church to take and receive what they want.  The fact that some pastors and bishops molest and rape the young and others in the church is choking the life out of what ‘church’ is really suppose to exemplify. The scandals that go on in the church are ripping at the seams of body of Christ.

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