Are Paula and Randy White thinking of Reconciling??

"Randy and Paula White"


"Randy and Paula White"

We learned last month that Benny Hinn and his wife Suzanne were getting back together again and after reading types of research article help with popular admission essay on founding fathers compuesto del clomid here help on writting essays viagra professionalfromgermany write my essay sydney buy term paper online viagra dosage and administration research paper vs technical paper go go here source site drug legalization essay get link library homework help follow url enter site informative speech essay follow url format how to write a report alegbra 2 homework help get link female herbal viagra uk thesis paper writing punjabi essays in punjabi language exclusive interview with Bishop Randy White, who recently became overseer again of Without Walls International Church in Lakewood, that he and Paula talk 2 or 3 times a day and who knows what God has in store for their future, maybe a tremendous miracle???  Makes me wonder if they may be thinking of reconciling as well. EXCLUSIVE!!! Bishop what has God put on your heart about WWIC? Will you share?

Bishop Randy White: Absolutely, first of all I am extremely happy to be back! I feel it’s my time, it’s my season! I have taken a 3 year sabbatical after the death of my daughter.

“I went through incredible, incredible storms and crisis in my life and through that I have learned how to minister more effectively”

I am taking those skills which the enemy meant for a set back and I am bringing them to WWIC in Tampa and Lakeland!

We are going to focus on restoration and evangelism. There is a buzz in the city already! A lot of new people are coming and we are going to focus on feeding the poor, clothing the naked just getting back to the basics! Again, I am extremely excited about it. Bishop is an Overseer the same as the Senior Pastor? Will you be in the pulpit most Sunday’s?

Bishop Randy White: That’s a great, great question. I see myself as a Bishop Overseer and what that means is that I will be forming a team around me of Pastors and Preachers people that are in leadership capacities.

I am going to form a great team! We will be sharing the pulpit and one of the reasons for that is we have an enormous load on us. We will be focusing a lot on the ministry in Lakeland getting it back up to where it needs to be and…

“with that in mind I am really seeking out some Pastors and Preachers at this time” Bishop in all due respect I want to give the readers the truth directly from you. There have been rumors over the internet that you and Pastor Paula are at odds. Is this true?

Bishop Randy White: I respect this question! Actually, thank you for the question!

“I can say emphatically and unequivocally that our relationship is as solid as it has ever been”

You know it’s very unfortunate that we went through a divorce. I think both of us looking back could have done better in the area of working through the difficult times, but we had SO much media pressure on us to divorce, we were under such public scrutiny that we felt like it was the right thing to do!

“Hindsight is 20/20”

Looking back we really wish we would have taken a sabbatical, in which I did for 3 years and focused on getting our marriage back working the way it needed to be.

“I can assure you 100% Paula and I talk 2 or 3 times a day!”

We do a lot of things together and we don’t know what God has in store for the future it could be a tremendous miracle that takes place! Read More


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