Angela Simmons: Real Talk with Rolling Out

photo: Courtesy of Rolling Out magazine

photo: Courtesy of Rolling Out magazine

Angela Simmons, Congrats on lading the job as New host of 106 and Park, Chile you go girl!

Rev. Run’s baby girl Angela Simmons is all grown up now and doing big things including lading a job  as the new host on 106 and Park , BET’s popular hip hop show.  Angela  st down recently with Rolling Out magazine and gave a really candid interview giving us some REAL talk regarding, love, health, fitness, religion and of course coming into her own.

One of the things that struck me most with the interview was how confident Angela Simmons is in being Her!  She knows who she is, she knows Whose she is and she knows whose got her back.  you can’t go wrong with you got that kind of perspective in life.

When asked if she thought she was judged by a small prism because of her Dad being a Reverend,   Angela responded:

“Well I think with religion, people are just judgmental off the bat. They feel like if you have a relationship with God and Jesus Christ, then you’re not allowed to have any fun. I think that’s just wrong when people judge others … especially when you’re not supposed to judge anyway. But I deal with it all the time. People will come up to me and say ”Oh you shouldn’t be wearing that skirt,” and I just say ”why not?” I’m not doing it distastefully, and I’m not being disrespectful. I have my relationship with God, so therefore I don’t feel like anyone should judge me. But it’s life, and people are going to judge. And there’s so much controversy surrounding religion, so I just eat it. At this point, it is what it is, but I know who I am … and God knows my heart, so I don’t take it any further.”

And, check out her response when asked about what she struggles with:

“I don’t know. For me, I lean on God for everything. I have an amazing family, and I have God, so those are my backbones. So if I’m having any trouble, that’s where I go, or I simply sit down and write in my diary. But I always end up going back to God and to my family.”

Now that’s what I am talking about.  this 25 year old young lady got it going on,  click here to read the entire article