Alton Sterling Victim number 12?

How in the world can anybody justify the manner in which Alton Sterling was murdered? While allegedly the 37-year-old was armed, the video clearly shows that the officers lives were not in danger. According to the Associated Press, was shot to death by police at a Louisiana store after it was reported to 911 that someone near the store was threatening them with a gun.

The Justice Department did announce that an investigation would be held, however, people are once again and justifiably so, OUTRAGED!!!

Now let’s just keep it real yall, how many officers are being held accountable for these senseless murders. Let’s take Freddie Gray’s case for example,
not one officer has been convicted on any charge yet, a rioter was given 15 years for starting a fire in front of a store in protest of Freddie Gray’s death.
Come on now, officers walk free, and a protester gets 15 years, Chile Pleeze!

Thank God for real activists and celebrities who are using their notoriety to bring this issue to the forefront today:

Jesse Williams, who is already taking a lot of heat for his controversial speech made during BET Awards earlier this month, tweeted this:

Of course haters just have to do what they do best, HATE, they actually created a petiton to have Jesse Williams Fired, Really:



If you missed Jesse Williams BET Speech, check it out here:

Here are five things we definitely know as of now regarding Alton Sterlings death?

1. He was a father of five who sold CD in front of a local grocer.
2. He had the permission from the store owner to sell CD’s in front of his shop
3. The Store owner of Triple S-Mart said that he did not see or hear any ruckus outside the shop before police arrival
4. The Louisiana Police dept dispatcher 26-second clip reveals the dispatcher telling police, Sterling was selling CDs near the Triple S-Mart, and Alton Sterling had a gun in his hand.
5. The Triple S. Mart Store owner whose name is Abdul Muflahi told a local TV station WAFB that Alton Sterling did NOT have a gun in his hand, be he saw police remove one from Sterling’s pocket after his death.

SMH: Let’s see how this case plays out, I pray it’s not all the others!!!!