Michael Moore Movement!!!

Acclaimed controversial filmmaker, Michael Moore, predicted Donald Trump would win the Election back in July, and no-one listened, Chile!

Michael Moore was right on point with not only predicting Donald Trump would be the Republican nominee in late 2015, he also predicted Donald Trump would win the Us Presidential Election by focusing on the Rust Belt of the US where middle-class citizens had lost their jobs, homes and hope!

It’s not like he was silent about his claims, he wrote an open letter about it giving the DNC and Hilliary Clinton campaign plenty of time to hone in and play defense in the crucial states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, yet, once again, the Democratic Party took the middle working class vote for granted.Michael Moore released in a his documentary Trumpland

Recently, Michael Moore released and new documentary Trumpland,  you have not watched his movie Trumpland, you  can download it from Amazon for only $4.99 here

While Moore remained pretty quiet during much of the campaign, because he was focused on getting the movie complete and out  before the election, Michael Moore is now ready to join the movement with a large voice.

Michael Moore Movement

“I’m going to be one of the people leading the opposition to him, that’s going to stop him. It will be a mass movement of millions that will dwarf Occupy Wall Street,” Moore said.

He added, “I don’t believe anyone in the media who says we’re going to have four years of Trump. This is a man who doesn’t have any ideology; the only thing he believes in is Donald Trump. And that’s usually a one-way ticket out of office.”

Here are the 7 things Michael Moore suggest we must do as Donald Trump prepares to become President:

1. Must quickly and decisively form an opposition movement, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the 1960s. I will do my part to help lead this as I’m sure many others (Bernie, Elizabeth Warren, MoveOn, the hip-hop community, DFA, etc.) will, too. The core of this opposition force will be fueled by young people who, as with Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter, don’t tolerate BS and are relentless in their resistance to authority. They have no interest in compromising with racists and misogynists.

2. Prepare to impeach Trump. Just as the Republicans were already planning to do with President Hillary Clinton from day one, we must organize the apparatus that will bring charges against him when he violates his oath and breaks the law—and then we must remove him from office.

3. Must commit right now to a vigorous fight (including civil disobedience, if necessary) that will block any and all Donald Trump Supreme Court nominees who do not meet our approval. We demand the Democrats in the Senate aggressively filibuster any nominees who support Citizens United or who oppose the rights of women, immigrants and the poor. This is non-negotiable.

4. Demand the DNC apologize to Bernie Sanders for trying to fix the primaries against him, for spinning the press to ignore his historic campaign, for giving Clinton the questions in advance at the Flint debate, for its latent ageism and anti-Semitism in trying to turn voters against him because of his age or religious beliefs, and for its anti-democratic system of “superdelegates” who are elected by no one. We all know now that had Bernie been given a fair shot, he probably would have been the nominee and he—as the true outsider and “change” candidate—would have inspired and fired up the base and defeated Donald Trump. If no apology is soon forthcoming from the DNC, that’s okay—when we take over the Democratic Party (see yesterday’s To-Do List, #1), we will issue the apology in person.

5. Demand that President Obama establishes a special prosecutor to investigate who and what was behind FBI Director James Comey’s illegal interference into the presidential election 11 days before the vote was held.

6. Begin a national push while it’s fresh in everyone’s mind for a constitutional amendment to fix our broken electoral system: a) eliminate the Electoral College—popular vote only; b) paper ballots only, no electronic voting; c) Election Day must be made a holiday for all or held on a weekend so more people vote; d) all citizens, regardless of any run-ins with the criminal justice system, must have the right to vote (in swing states like Florida and Virginia, 30-40% of all black men are prohibited by law from voting).

7. Convince President Obama to immediately do what he should have done a year ago: send in the Army Corps of Engineers to Flint to dig up and replace all the poisoned pipes. Nothing has changed; the water in Flint is still unusable.

Will try to get these done by sundown.

“We’re not going to fix the Democratic Party–we’re going to take it over,” he said.

My take on Michael Moore leading this movement:

Michael-Moore-Donald Trump