‘Braxton Family Values’ Recap: Season 6, Episode 5: ‘You Don’t Do That to Your Family’

‘Braxton Family Values’ Recap: Season 6, Episode 5: ‘You Don’t Do That to Your Family’

The shade is definitely being thrown in all types of directions amongst the Braxtons in this episode.

First and foremost, Tamar is still missing in action while everyone is still attempting to reach out to her. Unfortunately, the only person Tamar seems to have words for is her eldest sister, Toni.

As plans continue forward with throwing Toni’s son, Denim, a 16th birthday party at Tamar and Vince’s home, we find out that it was actually Tamar’s idea to have the party at her home. Tamar is Denim’s godmother and according to Toni, she’s insistent on having the party there.

But, that doesn’t change how her sisters, Traci, Towanda and Trina feel about the party since they are currently seeking legal counsel to possibly sue their brother-in-law for the alleged, backhanded way he, and possibly Tamar, handled their royalties for their work on the show’s theme song.

While Towanda and Trina are out and about trying to find the right cake for their mother, Toni and Tamar are trying to figure out the right gift and who they should put on the guest list. One thing’s for sure – that guest list won’t have Vincent Herbert’s name on it.

Everyone, with the exception of Tamar and Toni, don’t want Vince at Ms. E’s party. Especially after the news hits the blogs that he’s been arrested and may now have a love child on the way.

They are adamant about not attending, and they’re not the only ones who refuse to be in Vince’s presence. Mama, Ms. Evelyn, also feels some type of way. She says she loves her grandchild but the way she feels about Vince right now won’t be a good look for her grandson’s party, so she opts to stay away.

Towanda becomes the designated person to call Toni and let her know that none of them will be in attendance. Toni is disappointed but understands. The party happens without Denim’s aunts or grandmother there to celebrate.

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