3&Me Clothing Line Speaks to God’s Gangsta’s


I came across this cool website www.3andMeClothing.com  and was quite surprised to find a company promoting a new type of Gangsta, I thought to myself what does that mean,  so after doing some digging, I found the man behind the brand (You are going to hear more of his story in a few weeks).  Now one would think that Gangsta’s   are out fighting for territory on the streets or in jails, not the man behind this brand, he and his team are they are fighting for God.  I find their rationale behind their brand  intriguing, and I think you will too, check it out:

3&ME: Speaks to God’s GANGSTA’s

Gold teeth and hood nicknames are the best! It’s that name that your homies or family gives you, like Pooky, Ke-Ke, Lil Fire Starter, Mr. Trigger Play, and Greg aka Getting Em on 3! Sometimes these names out last the actions that earned them. To go along with this, for some of us our appearance doesn’t change: Tattoo Shawty can’t get rid of all the ink, and Goldie still lights up a room when he smiles. We have learned “The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.” (1 Sam 16:7) No matter what we have identified with in the past, we each have a testimony we’ve overcome that someone needs to hear.

3&ME highlights this transformation of being able to identify God’s grace within our clothing apparel. Funny man Kevin Hart once said, “Say it with your chest!” That’s what the 3&ME brand allows you to do. We love words typically viewed as ‘bad’, like “Gangsta” and putting a positive spin on them. The mission of 3&ME is to attract people to God using eye-catching, bold, and at times perceived negative words. People see 3&ME apparel and think “Why would they wear a shirt that says that??” That shock factor draws people in and allows you to be a witness for God’s Grace without ever saying one word. The Bible, in John 7:24, tells us to “Look beneath the surface so you can judge correctly.” So no matter our nicknames, or how we look and talk, or what our shirt says, we have all experienced the Grace of God. 3&ME creates a common ground, or chest, for all of us to put that grace on display.



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