29-Year-Old Woman Runs The Largest Black Owned Airline In The Bahamas

29-Year-Old Woman Runs The Largest Black Owned Airline In The Bahamas

We know women have made leaps and bounds in the work force and aviation is no different. Women have worked as flight attendants, managers, pilots and owners. But over in the Bahamas Black Girl Magic is alive and well.

29-year-old Sherrexcia ‘Rexy’ Rolle is the Vice President of Western Air Bahamas and she is one of the youngest to ever be seated in that position according to Business Women.  From baggage handler to VP, Rolle knows the company inside out.

Founded in 2001 by her parents Rex and Shandrice Rolle, Western Air Bahamas is in the league as one of the largest privately owned airline companies in the Bahamas with more than $90 million in net worth.

Rexy has taken to her job well proving that she can carry on the work and legacy that her parents started in the company. A few of the challenges that the company came up against was time management and delays. With Rexy’s direction, the company was able to find a workable solution saying, “Once my team and I began fine-tuning arrival and departure times, or performance began to improve. Our ticket sales increased also.”

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She jumped in when the company opened their 28,000 sq. ft private passenger terminal and maintenance facility in Freeport. The Bahamas have never had anything like it. And the plan for expansion is not over.

In 2018, Rexy has plans for the company on social media and online. Her word for women everywhere is to, “Be confident in what you know and I say that over again.” She ends with, “Trust your staff, partners, and most importantly yourself.”

Those strong words of encouragement can go along way for anyone who hears it. If you want to learn more about Western Air Bahamas or want to book a flight head over to their website www.westernairbahamas.com.


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(Source: Business Women )

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