2012 Presidential Election: Is it “All about Race” with African-Americans

"Calvin O. Butts at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church"
"Calvin O. Butts at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church"

(Photo: L. Woods, Special to Qcitymetro.com)

The 2012 Presidential Election DNC  kick off was a huge success with First Lady Michelle Obama delivering a homerun speech during the opening night of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC.

Earlier in the week, Rev. Calvin O. Butts kicked off the black church campaign to “Get Out and  Vote”  message by telling more than 1,000 congregants at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church that the 2012 Presidential Election is “All About Race” and urged the crowd to leave the worship service with the intent to mobilize the masses.

Is it really all about race within the African-American Community  though?  

As I talk to many African-Americans I am finding that they are just as critical of President Obama as others.  So, I am not sure that it is all about race, I would argue that it is more about  “Hating” from the African-American perspective.

I can’t for the life of me understand why African-Americans cannot learn from other ethnic groups,  the importance of uplifting  and supporting  members of our own race. 

I remember when President Obama was a presidential  in 2008,  I can’t tell you how many black people I ran across that were just HATING on him  and really chastising me   because I defended my point that  I was voting for him because he was a black man.   

So I would argue that the 2012 Presidential Election is not all about race within the  African-American community  and more about continuing the legacy of,  as  my Mama use to say, “Crab in a Barrel Mentality” among African-Americans.

For those of you who may not know that saying means,  if you experienced watching crabs be steamed,  you noticed that the crabs strive very hard is to get out of the barrel.  Each crab’s objective is to  climb his way to the top and out of the crab barrel.

It is during that climb that each crab is distracted from getting out because  the crab is forced to have to fight the other crabs in the barrel ad their focus is to  busy  themselves pulling the crab at the top  back  down to the bottom of the barrel  with them.  

Yall know the Church Lady got to keep it real.  Many African American’s still live by the “Crab in a Barrel” mentality and the 2012 Presidential Election is a prime example of how detrimental this mode of behavior can affectour race for years to come.

Yes I am  black and  I am voting for President Obama in the 2012 Presidential Election because he is a black man and whether I am better off now than I was four years ago is not paramount today.  

What is  more important to me  is that I am not  WORSE off now than I was four years ago and I have a BLACK man to thank for that, point-blank,  PERIOD!

It’s not always them against us, often times, it is us against us.

Help stop the Crab in the Barrel Mentality, “GET OUT AND VOTE”! (for the black man)

By: Patsy Pressley|Qcity Metro

Make no mistake about it, this presidential election is all about race, the Rev. Calvin O. Butts III told an audience of nearly 1,000 gathered at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church Monday.

“We don’t catch hell because we’re Baptists, Methodists or Muslims. We catch hell because we’re black,” thundered Butts, senior minister of Abyssinian Baptist Church in New York City.

Headlining a voter mobilization worship service, Butts said he rejects the notion that we’re living in a post-racial society.

“The one thing they use to divide us is race. They may couch it in every kind of language but I’m just waiting until this election and somebody’s gonna slip.

“People say, ‘We want to take the country back?’ Back where? Back to Jessie Helms and (James) Eastland?”

Butts made those remarks on the eve of the Democratic National Convention, which officially kicks off Tuesday at Time Warner Cable Arena in uptown Charlotte. First lady Michelle Obama, who arrived in the city Monday, will deliver a prime-time address on opening night.

Butts said Blacks should not look to President Obama alone to effect change but should remember they’ve been working as a people to save America’s soul for hundreds of years

“We nursed its babies, plowed its fields, fought in its wars,” he said, adding that women, Latinos and Jews also benefited from the “mighty black river” that fought for civil rights.

In a speech that skillfully drew quotes from rap music, the Bible and Malcolm X, Butts welcomed whites in the audience but said he was unapologetic about his role as a “prophet” to the African American community.

Butt’s church has a storied history of civil rights activism under past pastors, U.S. Congressman Adam Clayton Powell Jr., and the Rev. Samuel D. Procter. During his tenure, Butts has spearheaded more than $600 million in housing and commercial development in Harlem, helped establish public charter schools and currently serves as President of the State University of New York College at Old Westbury.

He urged the crowd—which included numerous ministers–to leave the worship service intent on mobilizing the masses to go to the polls.

“I’m here on behalf of America,” he said. “I want you to go out and give this everything you have.”