2012 Presidential Election: African Americans voting early and building momentum for a state too close to call

"2012 Presidential Election in North Carolina"


2012 Presidential election in the battleground state of NC appears to be too close to call as African-Americans flock to the polls for early voting.

That is a good sign for President Barack Obama who won this state in 2008.  Young African-Americans helped him win the traditionally Republican state by a very narrow margin  and it appears that young African-Americans are once again moving in that direction as right now it is being reported that Governor Mitt Romney has a slight edge.

VOA reports that the state appears to be divided on who they want to lead the country.

“I am just worried in general for jobs.  So many people in North Carolina are unemployed and then trying to get people back to work here instead of shipping jobs overseas,” said Walter Gilmore, a North Carolina voter.

But college students are clear, their vote counts. These college students are voting for the first time in the 2012 presidential election  had these comments:

“What won North Carolina was the early African-American vote especially the college students. We have a big influence,” said one.
“We need every vote, every vote so encourage him to come and do one stop,” said another.
Alma Adams knows first hand how important it is for Democrats to get African-Americans to the polls.  She’s served in North Carolina’s legislature for more than 18 years.  She says turnout among blacks so far is impressive.

“That says to me that people really want to get involved in this process and they understand the urgency of it, and that is so critical,” said Adams.

Adams is popular here because she supports quality education, jobs and increasing the state’s minimum wage.

“We need to try to find ways to get people back to work get good jobs for people, good benefits,” she said.

No matter who the candidate of choice is, North Carolina is showing the nation that they take their vote seriously and momentum is growing by the day for the 2012 presidential election.  Congratulations North Carolina!
Now y’all make sure you get out and VOTE, no excuses, people died so that we may have this right.