Zachery Tims Funeral: T.D. Jakes “Zach Died, Tims Stood UP!”

 Update:  After more than 2 years of battling to keep the court documents sealed, it has finally been revealed that Pasto Zachery Tims died of an overdose of herion and cocaine, click here for full story. 

zachery-tims-cause-of-death-td-jakes-paula-white-riva-timsPraise God!  thousands of saints showed up at the First Baptist Church, Orlando, to  pay their respects to Pastor Zachery Tims today.   No matter what the toxicology report reveals, one cannot deny that Pastor Zachery Tims loved the Lord and God’s people with all his heart. Nor did he try to hide his imperfections.   Rest in Peace, Pastor Tims!

The Orlando Sentinel reported that mega church pastor, Bishop T.D. Jakes who delivered Zachery Tims eulogy compared Pastor Tims to the Biblical Preacher,  Jacob, who was renamed Israel,  a man with many problems.  According to the Sentinel Jakes stated:

“The names represented two different sides of the same person,  just as “Dr. Tims” was different from “Zach.” Jakes, who pastors a 30,000-member congregation in Dallas, said he knew both  Dr. Tims — the charismatic, compassionate spiritual leader who ministered to
imperfect people — and Zach, who was an imperfect person himself. “I thought I was the only one who know how unhappy Zach was, how broken he  was, how afraid he was if anybody was to see any flaw in him. He tried hard to  heal himself, to fix himself,” said Jakes, chief pastor of The Potter’s  House.

As leader of New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka,  Dr. Tims could help others with their problems, but Zach couldn’t ask for help
himself before he was found dead last Friday in a New York hotel room. Tims’  death is under investigation, and the cause has not been determined.

“I don’t know what happened in that room in New York, but I can only hope  that as Zach was dying, Dr. Tims stood up,” Jakes said.

About 5,000 people attended the three-and-a-half-hour funeral service at  First Baptist of Orlando. It was a cross between a tribute and a tent revival,  with songs, prayers, silence, stories and high-volume preaching. There was more  rejoicing than weeping, more laughter than grief.

One preacher told the story of accompanying Tims to London, where the  pastor was mistaken for the actor Will  Smith and chose not to correct the misperception.

First Baptist Pastor David Uth confessed his envy of Tims’ preaching style:  “I’ve watched Zachery on TV and I’ve thought, ‘God, why can’t I preach like  that?’ I’ve actually said a few times, you know sometimes being white just gets
in the way.”

Jakes said Tims sometimes reminded him of a mischievous child who knew he was  too cute to scold. “Zach had a way of acting like he was your kid,” Jakes said. “He would come  into your house and go straight for the refrigerator. You couldn’t say anything,
because he’d bust that big old grin on you.” Evangelist Paula White said the smile was Tims’ defining feature.

“He smiled with his eyes. His eyes showed the depth of his soul,” said White,  pastor of Without Walls International Church in Tampa.

A few weeks before his death, Tims spoke of dying in a sermon, White  recalled: “He said, ‘If I die — and I don’t want to die — I want you to know I  am saved and I’m going to heaven.”

TIms’ ex-wife, Riva Tims, who started New Destiny with him in 1996, commented  on his short but productive life. “Forty-two years may seem young, but in those 42 years he circled the Earth  many times. In those 42 years he achieved goals few could imagine,” she said.
“Let us not forget what he has accomplished.”

Dyer, Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs,  Orange County Commissioner Tiffany Moore Russell, and U.S Rep. Corrine Brown
all praised Tims for his work in the church and the community.

“You have lost a spiritual leader, New Destiny,” Jacobs said, “but we all  gained an angel.”  About a dozen preachers spoke of their admiration and friendship with Tims.  Some called him a mentor. Some called him a brother. Some preached, some sang.

“Dr. Tims had one speed, and that was fast,” one said. “He would start  getting out of the car before it stopped because he was in a hurry to do the  work of the Lord.”

Jakes said Tims’ life, and death, were a wake-up call for many young  preachers who are in a hurry to get somewhere fast. The greater the light, Jakes  said, the greater the heat. “The light burns things you don’t want it to burn,” he said.

Two hours before the 11 a.m. funeral, the line of mourners snaked from the  doors of the First Baptist and around the parking lot. Many of those in line  were dressed in black: men in their suits, women in their finest dresses, and  children dressed as if for church.

“He made a great impact on the lives of people,” said Dorothy Douglas, 58, who joined the church in 1999. “He didn’t wait for them to come to him. He went  into the neighborhood to bring the church to them.”

Saturday, they returned the favor.  Thousands stood in the heat to pay their final respects to their spiritual
leader. “This is for closure and to be supportive of his family. For me, I respected  and loved Pastor Zach, but I also loved him as the son I never had. You could  approach him. You could talk to Pastor Zach,” Douglas said.

Others spoke about Tims’ impact on the congregation. “He has prepared us for this,” said Jackie McCall, a 55-year-old church
member who joined the congregation three years ago. “We are ready to go on.”

View Orlando Sentinel’s video coverage below.

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  • Ken Edwards

    How can people be so foolish to follow women who preach, which is directly in conflict with God’s word.

  • mektf

    Stop making excuses for sin. There are certain things that we can do, as Peter said, in which if we do…we will never fall. This man, it seems was not completely yielded unto God. Paul once wrote of Alexander the Coppersmith, who did much evil…God reward him according to his work. Iona Locke once preached a sermon entitled, ‘Do you have the Holy Ghost?’ The premise was that if you do…then you won’t keep doing the ‘old things.’ TD Jakes eulogy seemed as his typical pscho-spiritual babble. His best line was of that to the young preachers…slow down. I hope that he repented before his last breath. Jesus said that many will say…but Lord, I did this, and that…and He said, ‘I never knew you.’

  • Gloria

    The statement was made, “No one knows what has become of his spirit.” According to Eccl 12:7 the spirit of a man goes back to God. The flesh returns to the earth and the spirit goes back to God. You probably meant to say, “No one knows what has become of his soul.”

  • Cynthia Lamar-Francois

    My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the family. Pastor Zachery Tims touched my life and it is very sad that we as christians and watched struggle with his past demons. I could see it in his preaching.
    Once God deliver you from an addiction, you better not return. You cannot even entertain the thought of it. Run like Joseph did when he was trying to get away from Potiphar’s wife. The word of God tell us to be sure or your sins will find you out. What you do in the dark will come to light. Satan be sure of that, satan wants to destroy your testimony. Satan will be sure someone sees you (drinking, smoking, cheating, lottery etc.)
    Be kind to yourself don’t cheat on God, He is a jealous God. He wants us to himself and I have no problem.
    So if you’ve been fooling around, take heed, stop it,you are only deceing yourself. God sees everything and He knows everything and He is everything. I admired Pastor Tims very much.
    We all have struggles, talk to God about them, you see with all those men around him, all they could do was talk to him and they need help themselves. May God bless you all.
    Pastor Riva trying to be Assistant Pastor to a megachurch as that and with them having four children and one special needs child, someone else should have had her position, bec ause with the children that was her ministry. There is too much greed in the church. May God bless all>

    • churchlady

      Thanks so much for your post, and I agree with you 100% we all have struggles and we have to take responsibility for the things we are doing in life that are not pleasing to God, because He is a Jealous God.

      God bless sister Cynthia,

    • Fred

      I also agree 100% with you because God knows each and everyone of us by name therefore he’s able to watch every little detail about us, sees everything we do, every little step we take, we can’t lie to God nor hiding from him. God blessed you.

  • Angel Barnes

    Churchlady, Demons are spirits and they don’t die they just go find another available house to live in (job 1:7 and 1 peter 5:8). There job is to take over our mind and body. If we are filled with the Holy Spirit he cannot because even when we sin the Holy Spirit will convict us. We all have a flesh which is what Mr. Tims was operating in to fall, and we have a spirit who is in opposition with the flesh. Mr. Tims probably did fight really hard to overcome his flesh but ultimately failed. In ministry if you do not prepare properly for the next level of faith you will get there but you won’t survive. So in a sense Jakes is right because the flesh was left behind and his spirit went up. Noone knows what has become of his spirit, or anyone elses and we shouldn’t judge. We should just have compassion for the hurting people.

    • churchlady

      I believe with all my heart that pastor Tims did try to face his demons, just like all of us try to face ours and many times fail. What I cannot understand though, is why so many in his inner circle enabled him instead of putting on the full armor of God and dealing with him in spirit and in truth. I believe that Pastor Tims wife loved her husband and did all she could to try to help him, then realized the best way to help him was to walk away and let God. But so many others including his spirtual mother, Paula White, knew of his problem and from what I am reading TD Jakes did too, why, why, Why. did they stand by and continue to enable him. Sometimes, you have to show tough love and let love ones with an addiction fall in order to help them get back up. No we should not judge, but we as Christians do have to Stand Up and stop sweeping stuff under the carpet.

  • Gloria

    Okay…what exactly does this mean? ” …that as Zach was dying, Dr. Tims stood up,'” Sorry but can somebody break this down for me ’cause I don’t get it.

    • churchlady

      I think he meant that Zach the Man was full of issues that he struggled with all his life, but Dr. Tims, was the Annointed Son of God that God used to save, heal and help HIS sheep. I think Bishop Jakes meant that while Zach was a flawed man, yet was he annointed by God to do God’s will. I think he wanted to get us prepared for the news media confirming the cause of Death. so in other words just trying to be Real,
      Zach Tims had a drug problem, yet he was a great Shepherd for the Lord who did great things. When he died those demons died with him, yet The Son of God will go on to receive his glory.

      That’s just my interpretation. thanks for posting, until next time,
      Be blessed, Chile

  • Never Mind

    You know I am saddened that this has happened to his family and saddened that he went out the way that he did. Nevertheless, God is not playing with us! Watch his videos on utube this man was strung out long before this happened. He is SCRATCHING excessively with what they call the junkie itch, overly hyper til its like what is this guy on. The church leaders are responsible for the congregations deception and will be held accountable on judgment day. They got rid of his wife when he is the one living in sin. THEY KNEW and God did what he needed to do to shake the christian community cause he is tired of it. BISHOP JAKES SERMON was well said but yet false doctrine. Jacob wrestled with the angel but it was to get the blessing of Abraham. This man already claimed to have the blessing and living a prosperous life as a man of God. Yes well all fall down and do things we shouldnt do but as christians we examine ourselves and repent of our sins. The church leaders could have prevented this if they had only made Mr. Tims accountable for his behavior and not COVER UP HIS SINS…ACCOUNTABILITY TO THE PEOPLE OF GOD NOT THE LEADERS. PEOPLE ARE FALLING IN LOVE WITH THE LEADERS AND NOT IN LOVE WITH GOD, THE FATHER,AND THE SON.

    • kim

      whell just bc he was a man of god dose not meanthat he was profect. and fact ino that he may ahve had adicton. but who dont and i am sure that he no who to call ant that god herd his cry. so dont be so fast to judge so rember we all will need to die one day so. isay to his family may god lit you havet hart and that you got to no that pastortoms did love god . but never the less he was human.

      • churchlady

        that’s true Kim Zachery Tims was not a perfect man, just like none of us are perfect beings. Which is why I think this should be wake up call to us not to put all our faith in Man but God and God alone.

        Bless you,

    • churchlady

      Keep it Real Never Mind, keep it real.

      thanks for sharing

  • Joy Mack

    It sadens me to hear another young soilder gone to soon. We must remember to pray for men and women that stand before God’s people. The call to the ministry can be draining and lonely.

    • churchlady

      Joy, as one who works in the ministry I cannot tell you enough how true the statement you made about ministry being draining and lonely really is.
      Working in miistry can be very demanding and many relationships formed are superficial. Often, people tend to put you on a pedastal and then if you are not careful, you begin to start believing all that stuff. That is why I blog, it helps me to stay focused on the Great Commission and not the mighty dollar.

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