Wiley Jackson Church Foreclosed

wiley jackson-gospel tabernacle

And yet again another black mega church has been foreclosed on, this time, Wiley Jackson Senior Pastor of Gospel Tabernacle Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Y’all remember him, he was indicted a few years ago on investment fraud.

Well it appears that Pastor Jackson is still taking big risks when it comes to finances but this time he took too many and caused his members to be without a church home during this holiday season.

Like Andre Landers and Higher Living Christian Church, Pastor Wiley Jackson was scrambling around trying to find a place to hold Gospel Tabernacle Watchnight Service. They finally ended up having it in a school.

One thing is for sure, building or not these pastors are determined not to miss the opportunity to pass the plate!

  • I will never understand why people are more concerned with following these people, and run away from the discernment given by the Holy Spirit. Yes, he lets us know when something is wrong, but people just keep right on, “awe, he gone change.” Yeah, okay!


    Wiley Jackson was a new up and coming pastor who wanted to get big too fast.He was the one that crowned Fred Price as an apostle and put a gold ring on his finger and a robe and his followers picked him up on a crown chair and carried him to the pulpit. Sooner or later it all comes crashing down.If it isn’t rooted in Jesus,it will fall!

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