The Board of Jericho City of Praise is now Terminating Members from the Mega Church

Now that the Board of Jericho City of Praise  has effectively removed the Pastor, Joel Peeples, they began today, terminating longstanding members of the mega church. click here to read the letter

Allegedly, the Board sent letters to at least four church members advising that because the members did not accept the Trustees of the church, they were being terminated from the churches membership.  No matter whose side you take Jericho City of Praise members, this act is OUT  of ORDER !  People working in church leadership have to deal with personality types every day and the first thing you learn when you accept a job in church leadership is to develop thick skin.

Chile,  I smell a rat CLB family and sooner or later the real deal is going to come out. It seems to me that they are trying to get rid of all the troublemakers  before the chosen one comes in the door.

I said this once before to the Jericho City of Praise membership, this battle is not just Pastor Joel’s, this battle is Yours! Continue to  organize, mobilize and publicize.

Jericho Members, Support your pastor by going to church this Sunday.  Pastor Joel Peeples will hold services  at the Metro Points Hotel in New Carrollton.  I understand that some members (those who are still left) will continue to enter into the Jericho City of Baptist Church as well, we will see how long the Board will allow them to do that! To my knowledge, to date, only the pastor and four members are not allowed on the church campus.

A press release was sent to me today and I am encouraging  my  fellow bloggers to please help the members of Jericho  get the word out about this travesty.  The contact information for press interviews is listed below and I have created several articles for you to reference, just don’t forget to credit the tip and add a  link back to The Church Lady, Appreciate Ya!


April 20, 2012

Contact: Deana Bass

Phone: 202-409-3667


Disputed Board Terminates The Membership of Long Standing Parishioners at City of Praise Church

LANDOVER, MD – April 20, 2012 – Thursday, the disputed board of the City of Praise Church in Landover, Md. revoked membership from at least four longstanding members of the church.

In letters from Gloria McGruder, Keith and Denise Moore, Bobby Henry and Rod Chavez were told that because they do “not accept the Trustees of the church” the disputed board has decided to terminate their membership. This test for membership termination will no doubt result in more such terminations because the members of City of Praise do not accept the disputed board as legitimate.

Because today Judge Dwight Jackson denied the members of the church a hearing on this issue, they are even more determined to press forward in insisting that the Prince George County Court listen to the will of the people.  They want to remove the six employees who claim that they are the church’s board.

The terminated church members have a collective of over 100 years of service to the church.

“This is merely another in a long string of attempts by the disputed board to bully and intimidate the congregation,” said Rod Chavez.

Chavez is leading the congregation in a lawsuit that questions the authority of the board.  He like the others whose membership has been terminated has expressed openly his support for Pastor Joel Peebles.

“In their letter they tell us that because we disagree with them, they are terminating our membership in a church that we paid for with our tithes and offerings,” said Denise Moore.  “This is a church that I have served in for 27 years under the excellent leadership of Apostle Betty Peebles and now the awesome leadership of Pastor Joel Peebles.  I am truly saddened and disgusted over the way they are treating members.  But I know that in the end God will have the glory.”

It is expected that they will deliver additional letters to other church members in the coming days.  These church membership terminations come just one day after Pastor Joel Peebles was fired and his membership terminated.

These brute tactics have come largely from Clarence Jackson who served as janitor when Apostle Betty Peebles was living.  Shortly before Betty Peebles died in 2010, Jackson declared himself Chief Operating Officer.  This title was bestowed at a time when Betty Peebles was incapacitated and suffering in the final stages of cancer.  Several months ago, Jackson changed the locks, locking Pastor Joel Peebles out of the church.  He also installed costly security cameras all over the church.  Jackson has implemented a security plan that includes an overbearing police presence.

Jackson is an ex-prison guard.  His highest degree is a high school diploma.  He earns close to six figures in addition to the undisclosed fees that his maintenance company receives for doing work at the church.  Jackson is also responsible for collecting the cash fees from the Red Skins parking.  The congregation has asked repeatedly that Jackson disclose the amount of money being collected from the cash lots.  He has refused.

Just some of the documented bullying and intimidation by the disputed board includes the following:

Bobby Henry long time general council was fired for his support of Pastor Joel Peebles.

  • Trenillo Waters who has attended the church for over 34 years and served as the head of the audio ministry for 15 years was fired after he led the congregation in an “Occupy Jericho” movement of protest.
  • Rod Chavez openly questioned the legal authority of the employees and consequently they attempted to bar him from even entering the church.  The Prince Georges County Court saw this as a blatant attempt at intimidation and ruled in Chavez’s favor.
  • Mr. Smallwood a maintenance worker at the church was fired for simply helping Pastor Joel Peebles set up chairs for a ministry related event.

Even Radio One was threatened with a lawsuit if they continued a relationship with Pastor Peebles and First Lady Ylawnda.

  • Devonian Wrighton

    Dr. Mike Freeman demand that Pastor Joel pebbles leave his church
    The Consecration of Bishop Joel R. Peebles Sr.

  • cwordwoman

    I am a member of another Baptist church who is appalled at the press Jericho is receiving. This is a sad time for all. It casts a poor reflection on churches in general. The Jericho Board od Trustees appear to be acting without the council of God. If this situation was not so serious, they would be the laughing stock of Maryland. The Board does not seem qualified to administer this mega church. How can they terminate the membership of people simply because they do not agree with the board. To disrespect the Pastor (and the son of the leader they claim to adore) is sinful. He diserves to be treated with some dignity. Also, why is there no accountability for the money being collected from Redskins parking? The people serve God — not the Board. They are acting like a gang instead of church dignitaries. I along with members of other churches in the area will continue to pray for this congregation and the Board. Jericho’s business should be conducted in decency and order, and according to the Will of God. Shame on you.

  • dawnp110

    This is a violation of these people’s rights. They have done nothing wrong except to support our rightful Pastor…

  • Angel

    Apostel Betty taught on this scripture when I was in the refreshman class. It is Matthew 18:15 “If your brother or sister[b] sins,[c] go and point out their fault, just between the two of you. If they listen to you, you have won them over. 16 But if they will not listen, take one or two others along, so that ‘every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.’[d] 17 If they still refuse to listen, tell it to the church; and if they refuse to listen even to the church, treat them as you would a pagan or a tax collector.

    I don think they followed the word in putting people out of the church. Did they take it to the church not the board but the church? Just wondering

  • Linda

    How do you take away church membership? Remove them from office maybe, but terminate membership. These churches are off the head.

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