Prophetess Ruthene Tukes Killed by Boyfriend

Florida prophetess Ruthene Tukes was found murdered in a South Georgia motel room by her 39-year-old boyfriend, David Chavell Monroe of Folkston, Georgia. He was arrested and charged with first-degree murder after Kingsland police retrieved evidence in the hotel room that led them to Monroe’s home where they found him covered in blood.

Prophetess Ruthene Tukes was a recent widow of two years met Monroe and was trying to help him get his life together according to reports, a relationship developed at the protest of her family members who had actually filed a restraining order against David Chavell Monroe forbidding him from coming to their Jacksonville home. Because of the restraining order, Prophetess Tukes, would often travel to South Georgia to do ministry and spend time with Monroe.

Ruthene Tukes was described as the backbone of her family.

“I loved her so much. She was my sweetest, innocent and goodest grandmother I could ever have,” said Eric Collins, her grandson.

Ruthene Tukes’ daughter, Shameka Tukes, told News4Jax that her mother had been traveling from Florida to Georgia for ministry work and that’s how she met Monroe.

“If you were hungry, she fed you. If you needed somewhere to stay, she would open up her doors no matter what time of day. If you called her, she would answer her phone. And to be robbed of that, I just don’t understand it. She was basically trying to help him get his life back,” Shameka Tukes said. “Love is blind.”


  • Teach4Peace

    So sad. She didn’t listen to her family and lost her life. So sad. God will use a vessel to warn us and to protect us. If she was operating in true discernment, she would have understood this guy was unstable, I’m sure red flags were either everywhere or at least presented itself at some point. We get do caught up, women, in trying to be connected to a man. We allow ourselves to lose all common sense and lose our ability to protect ourselves. People, allow GOD to lead your spouse to you. If you’ve gone out and “found” the man, you better chill. Allow God…

  • Timothy Artise

    Single women in ministry in hotel with unmarried man.More to the story than meets the eye.Be careful you are doing God’s business and not your own.If you are then he will protect you and allow the HolySpirit to have you use your gifts wisely and not worldly in the devil’s yard!

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