Rick Warren Responds to Pat Robinson on Divorce Statement

Pat Robinson done lost his mind yall! Now he is going around telling men it is ok to divorce your sick wife (smh).  At least Rick Warren has sense enough to speak out on this.


By: Nicole Menzie

Saddleback pastor Rick Warren took to his Twitter account Thursday to comment on Pat Robertson, host of “The 700 Club” on the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), who suggested that Alzheimer’s made divorce justifiable.

In a Tweet directed at “@mgpatrobertson,” Warren wrote, “What part of ‘IN SICKNESS & heath, till DEATH do us part’ did you not understand?”

The Saddleback pastor, who has attracted more than 418,000 followers on his Twitter account, was referring to the wedding vows couples usually make when tying the knot.

Warren is just the latest among a long list of evangelical leaders who have expressed shock and dismay with Robertson advising a married man dating another woman to “divorce and start all over.”

On Tuesday’s airing of “The 700 Club,” Robertson, a former televangelist and owner of CBN, reacted to a viewer’s concern that a male friend was dating another woman because his wife’s Alzheimer’s was adversely affecting their marriage.

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