Rev. Frank E. Ray Pastor Wives Drama (Real Life) & Divorce (video)

"Rev Farnk Ray and Pastor's Wives Drama"

"Rev. Frank E. and Deborah Ray wedding pictures and home

Update 6/1/2014: Frank E. Ray files restraining order on a woman who is accusing him of raping her daughters

Update 6/4/2012: Allegedly Rev. Frank E. Ray tries to mow down his wife with his Bentley 

Pastor, Frank E. Ray and New Salem Baptist Church  have some real life Pastor Wives Drama going on  in Memphis, TN.  Back in December it was reported that Pastor Frank’s Deborah Joy Ray, alledgedly was in a cat fight at the church (see video)  Now,  The “Walking Bible” as  Rev. Ray is often referred, filed a petition against Deborah,  the same woman he was courting while married to his first wife Anita.

Frank Ray is seeking an injunction to keep Deborah Ray away from the church, and to give him exclusive use of their Eads home.

He is also  asking for rehabilitative, transitional and permanent alimony, a lien imposed on property to ensure Deborah pays alimony, and he wants the court to make her get life insurance to continue paying in the event of her death.

My friends Thaddeus Matthews  and Joshua Randolph gives us the real deal on the story stating that not only is Rev. Ray finished his former mistress turned wife, he is really upset that she is still in their million dollar home while he has to live at the church.  Mind you, the church has  three bedrooms, appliances and even a drive in garage to park his Bentley.

Allegedly Rev. Ray wants a divorce as a result of his embarrassment of the national attention their 2004 wedding drew when the wedding party dressed in black leather,

and his wife became upset over the fact he removed her as the head of the women’s ministry. He states that after her removal she swore that if it was the last thing she did she would destroy him and the church. he goes on to state that on December 4,20ll Deborah Ray brought her two sisters, nieces and nephews which was approximately 13 persons to the church where a brawl took place. But sources close to the church state that the fight started over the fact that Pastor Ray was now dating and sexing another “Good Sister” in the church
 Rays states that he is of high profile in the church community and that his wife’s actions has damaged his reputation and ability to work and preach as he has in the past. As a result Ray is seeking and injunction to keep his wife from coming to church, and from contacting him or acting in any manner against him or the church.

Really, Rev. Ray do you really expect us to believe that you did NOT what or who you were marrying, Chile Pleeze, you reep what you sow Preacher.  I am just giving yall a little bit of what’s really going on, please view the video then click here to READ MORE


  • Y’all really need to give credit where credit is do. I was first to report this story. Not Thaddeus Matthews.

    • Joshua,
      Thanks for the tip, while I definitely don’t have a problem with giving credit, as I give them on all post that I don’t originally write from scratch. I have added a backlink to your site but I can’t give you full credit and this is why, the post dates don’t add up. Mr. Matthews post date is April 18th and your post date is April 20th?

      Just a few blogging tips

      First, When I visited your site, it does not appear that you give credit to anyone on any of your post. Does that mean all of your post are original articles? It is absolutely fine to give your opinion on any subject but if you did not write the article from scratch, or if you got it off another website, it is only right to give that blog a back link. Remember, treat others in the way that you want to be treated and it will be reciprocated.

      Second, you may want to put an exclusive notice on your post to alert bloggers to give you credit, it is simply a condition that you require a person to use any information to avoid copyright infringement or plagerism. It is very easy to get your site shut down if you fail to acknowledge original authors and there is software out there now that can tell if you are copying and pasting. (hint hint)

      Bottom line if you want respect in this field you have to respect others work as well. It is out of respect that I offer your website to my readers site
      I would appreciate and expect the same in return.
      Take Care,

    • Josh the info that i blog about comes from research the data on the Rays come from my pulling the documents from the court house and from my personal knowledge you only get credit when you deserve it and in this case you are just a copy cat LOL

      • Thaddeus,
        Thank you for posting on the Church Lady Blogs!

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